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This poem is for anyone who has put on a happy face to other people so that other people cannot see the pain the poet is actually going through in his/her own life.

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Aakanksha, We all have loss in our lives. It will never go away! The sooner you accept this, the better you will feel. It is not your fault that this has happened and once you accept the...

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Lost Soul

© more by Randall Pela

Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009 with permission of the Author.

You pass me on the street and our eyes briefly meet.
You hold the door open for me as I enter behind you.
I say thanks, but you have no idea that my mind is blank.
In the elevator you crack a joke, I flash a smile.
You have no idea that my heart is in denial.
You ask me how my day was and I say fine.
You have no idea that my brain and I are arguing if I should cross the line.
My happiness is gone as I walk in this world.
The thoughts in my head have me wishing I were lying in a cold, dark hole.
Once you lose your soul, there is no turning back.
Everything you once dreamed of no longer has an impact.
You don't want to love nor do you want to have fun.
Your days are so long the problems in your mind make you question if you should carry on.
You smile so that's what people see on your face.
They think that you are happy, but deep down inside you feel like a worthless disgrace.
Each day the performance you put on for people is Emmy award winning,
But you question yourself and wonder if your act is just a way for you to hold off your own internal sinnings.
When you wake up from a night's sleep,
You wonder to yourself if today is the day your heart will be back to its old self or will it still be skipping every other beat.
You wonder if things that once made you happy to be alive will make a comeback.
You wonder if the little things in life that made you who you are will have you once again dreaming to the stars.
You wonder if you will feel less empty-hearted.
You wonder to yourself who holds the match to start that fire.
You're tired of running and losing your breath.
You want to hold tight to something that will help you once again enjoy the journey into life's amazing treks.
You want to feel that every day can be better than the last.
You want to turn your lost soul feeling into a thing of your past.


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  • Aakanksha Ahuja by Aakanksha Ahuja
  • 6 years ago

I loved the poem. My dad passed away 4 years back. I am still trying to cope with his loss. He was and is still the closest person to my heart. I feel lost all the time. Initially I used to cry a lot and would talk about him all the time with everyone around me. But as time passes, people start getting annoyed and you have no one to turn to to share the feelings and all you can do is put on a smile and get up every day hoping this feeling of loss would somehow pass someday.

  • Kevin Kerby by Kevin Kerby
  • 6 years ago

We all have loss in our lives. It will never go away! The sooner you accept this, the better you will feel. It is not your fault that this has happened and once you accept the loss - you yourself will begin to heal. That doesn't mean that it goes away, only that your heart and soul accept the facts of life...and will allow you to move forward instead of sitting still. It's ok to remember, but people that did not have the sense that you had, do not see it the same and that is why they get annoyed. Keep the person in your heart, never let go, but learn to accept and you will live once again with happiness rather than sadness and despair...acceptance is the key.

  • Joyce by Joyce
  • 7 years ago

I lost my mom when I was an infant, and later that year I lost my dad. I never had parents while growing up. No one cared about me. I was alone all the time. I cried myself to sleep. My family didn't want me. To them, I was a burden. I tried to hide the pain every day, but sometimes they would say something that hurt the most and make me want to kill myself, but I didn't because I couldn't, and I thank God I didn't do it.

  • Pat Mayo by Pat Mayo, Missouri
  • 8 years ago

My husband (soulmate) passed away in Feb, we only had 5 short years together. I am so mad at him because he left me behind. This poem fills my every inner feeling. I don't feel there is any hope. I've tried to be close to someone but I can't manage to hold myself together to do it. I need help so badly.

  • Nieisha Lewis by Nieisha Lewis
  • 7 years ago

I'm sorry about your husband, and I hope with all my heart that you find happiness and love in your near future.

  • Melissa by Melissa
  • 7 years ago

I lost my husband in 2005, he was only 23yrs old and we were only married 6 years. The last ten years have been the hardest years of my life. Raising two little girls alone and still showing them their daddy loved them more than anything. But God always has bigger plans than we can ever imagine. It wasn't til these past 2 years I had a childhood friend come back into my life and we got married 7 months ago. Don't give up on life because when the times right God will bring you hope

  • Emily by Emily, Ohio
  • 9 years ago

I definitely understand what you are going through. I thought I was the only one that felt this way. It would make such a big difference to have just one person to turn to, just one person that would hear you out and care and actually be there. I haven't had many friends. I've always been really shy and it's always been hard for me to be able to talk to anyone. I really struggled in school because I was an "easy target" since I was always shy, then when I left school and went home it wasn't much better there. Now I have more problems than ever that I've been struggling for a very long time to overcome and it's so much harder when there's no one for you to turn to. It's just a big relief to know I'm not the only one out there that feels all those feelings but it's sad that any of us have to feel that way. Very nice poem. Thank you.

  • Ellen. Strathclyde by Ellen. Strathclyde
  • 10 years ago

Growing up every little girl dreams of the perfect life which is waiting for her to get big!! There were so many good times for me once I got bigger. It only takes one moment in time for all that to change. My soul seems empty, I have no way in life. Every day everything brings a memory rushing back, momentarily I feel elated, then the overwhelming sadness takes over when reality rears its ugly head. I'm alone every minute, everyday. Who do I turn to when I need to be heard or just to be hugged. There is me and my shadow, my shadow also leaves me in the dark nights. To have one night not to be alone. To hear and feel anothers breath. To set aside the loneliness and feelings of loss, not much to ask.

  • Heather by Heather, Durant OK
  • 10 years ago

It's ironic to me that reading about your pain is somehow comforting. I too am hanging on by a thread. I used to really feel happy when I smiled, now I'm feeling so hollow inside I barely remember what it was once like to be me. To live carefree, I believed I could make a difference, I believed people cared. My past still haunts me and it's begun to dry me up inside my soul is lost. Dried up I'm just a desert wasteland. Thank you for sharing your poem, it does help to know that there are others too who can at least relate.

  • Crystal Union City by Crystal Union City, Tn
  • 11 years ago

I wake up in the morning put a smile on my face and pretend everything is OK. I am surrounded by people but nobody can see the pain on the inside. I am all alone.

  • India by India
  • 12 years ago

Alone=Me, I have been alone since childhood, I lost my dad when I was 11, now I'm 17, I am the only hope for my working mom and my little sister, nobody understands me :( , I am very shy, lonely, sad, depressed, I really need someone to see my pain, I always cry at night because I'm alone, harsh words of mom after we fight, I'm hurt, nobody cares for me, missing my dad, I'm alone :( :(

  • Moises Camarillo by Moises Camarillo
  • 7 years ago

It's like I just read my life. I also lost my father, well, he was deported back to his country when I was 14. I'm the only man amongst 3 sisters and a hard working mother. I'm 26 now. I've come to understand a lot and gained a lot of experience in life. I know what I must do and it is never too late. Like you, I'm also shy and I don't appear to be but I am. At the end of the day all I have is myself. But I love to help others. I used to always put others before me, before my needs or before I make sure I'm OK. But now that I'm older, I understand a lot and I'm growing up to be that man my mom has been waiting for for a long time now. I hope like me, you have grown to be more experienced in life, we are not alone. God bless, and have a long and happy life.

  • Shaela by Shaela
  • 13 years ago

I was alone for all of elementary school & it didn't really bother me until I got to middle school and made friends and lost them. The thing that hurts the most is I lost my closest friend and I miss him so much. I'm alone....again.

  • Joey by Joey, San Antonio Tx
  • 13 years ago

It's easy to have the appearance of happiness. I exude feelings of happiness everyday but I cry when I'm home. It's been too long since I've been happy I forgot what it's like. This poem perfectly describes me. I want to go back to a time where I was happy but I know I cannot. To the author of this poem, thank you for helping me understand that I'm not the only one with these feelings. I almost do not feel alone anymore... Thanks.

  • Aaron by Aaron, Ohio
  • 13 years ago

You and me both, having to hide it all day everyday... have gone to see someone once but even they gave up on me. I'm alone...

  • Mobark by Mobark, Kuwait
  • 14 years ago

this poem tells the story of my life :(
no one knows what's on my mind I always give a fake smile

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