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    Poems by Tabitha Houghton-Smith

  • She Was There For Me

    • Published: June 2008
    Poem About Mom Always Being There

    in Mom Poems by Teens

    Whether I was falling
    Getting picked on by my sisters
    or just wanted to talk

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    • Rating 3.60
  • Perfect Guy

    • Published: May 2010

    in Break Up Poems

    I thought I found the perfect guy,
    one that knew how to treat me right.
    But I forgot to hold on,
    and now he's gone.

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    I thought I had found the perfect guy too. He was tall and romantic, All it took was one move down the wrong hall to see his form pressed against another. I could hear and feel my heart...

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  • It's Not You It's Me

    • Published: May 2010

    in Break Up Poems

    It only took the first two lines
    to make the tears come out of my eyes,
    they poured out and wouldn't stop.
    What I read was a total shock....

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    This poem remind me of the time I was with my boyfriend and I thought we was going to be together forever but he ended up breaking up just because of something he thought was going on and he...

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  • Standing Tall

    • Published: March 2010

    in School Poems

    I put on this act,
    as I walk through the halls looking like I don't care.
    People talk behind my back,
    like I'm not even there

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    Everybody goes through something, and other people don't even know what that person is facing.

  • Childish

    • Published: March 2010
    Poem For Those Who Get Bullied

    in Bullying Poems

    My world is starting to die.
    and I slowly start to cry.
    People talking smack,
    right behind my back.

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    Don't listen to what they say and what they think of you. Work harder than them and show them you are stronger than them. Killing yourself is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I...

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