Animal Poem for Kids

I love to write funny poems for adults and children. I wrote this years ago for my children to enjoy. It also helped them enjoy reading. I hope you enjoy as well.

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Fred's Wearing My Slippers

© more by Kathy J Parenteau

Published: August 2012

I woke with a particular feeling
I was floating on top of the ceiling,
A little surprised
when I opened my eyes
at the sight my room was revealing.

I saw thing I'd never seen
I knew this must be a dream
There on my bed
was my dog Fred
watching the TV screen.

He was munching on chips and a coke
I thought this must be a joke
as he took a big slurp
he let out a burp
and I felt a big lump in my throat.

He was wearing my slippers and pj's
closed all the windows and shut all the shades
It was clear to see
he thought he was me
as I stared at him shocked and amazed.

My mom brought him breakfast in bed
then kissed him on top of his head
fried eggs and ham
with strawberry jam
that should have been me instead!

Then I woke up trembling with fear
while Fred was licking my ear
I threw off the sheets
and looked at my feet
then thought to myself oh dear!

Fred scratched at the door to go pee
then turned and grinned at me
when I looked at his paws
The sight that I saw
was more than I bargained to see.

There before my eyes
wearing my slippers with pride
Fred's tail was wagging
just like he was bragging
and off he went outside!


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