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Playful Poem About Pets Saving Christmas

I have a cat at home named Maxine. She is very playful, and I love her so much. I just wanted her to enjoy Christmas as much as I do, so I wrote this poem for her. It really helps you imagine what it would be like if your pet was one of Santa's helpers flying through the air on Christmas Eve. It really does make you laugh thinking about what it would be like.

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This has so much imagination! Really cute.

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Pets In The North Pole

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Published by Family Friend Poems December 2012 with permission of the Author.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye there is much to do,
But the reindeer up north have caught the flu!

The presents are wrapped, the sleigh is all set,
So instead of reindeer, we're using your pets.

Just show them this note on Christmas Eve,
So when the time comes, they'll be ready to leave.

We'll take dogs, we'll take snakes, we'll take hamsters and cats.
We'll take frogs, we'll take lizards, we'll even take bats!

We'll pretty much take whatever you've got.
For Santa's sleigh, we'll need a lot.

Your pet should leave when you're asleep,
So don't make a sound or a peep.

When your pet comes to fly the sleigh,
I'll make them fly, I'll show them the way.

We'll soar through the night up high in the sky.
Looking down at the houses as we fly on by.

Oh, and thank you for helping Santa Claus.
From your old pal, Santa Paws.


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  • Grandma Bergy by Grandma Bergy
  • 11 years ago

This has so much imagination! Really cute.

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