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I wrote this poem for some schoolwork.

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Our Special Planets


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2017 with permission of the Author.

Across the night sky, way up high,
Burning like an oven but as small as a fly,
Mercury steals Apollo's light,
But only when it is at night.

Venus, as beautiful as a flower,
Heart made of power.
She's made of lots of love,
Just like a white dove.

Next one to Venus is Earth,
Where everyone has their birth.
Earth is such a wonderful place.
They even have a NASA base.

Mars, Mars God of War,
Even though he is very poor.
Robbed by Mercury God of messaging,
But the red planet's still there threatening.

Jupiter, big bright bully of the sky,
This huge planet is a real tough guy.
All of the planets put together,
Not even half this planet's measure.

Saturn, Saturn rings right here,
The floating outside my atmosphere.
Rocks and ice spinning 'round and 'round.
If you get close, you'll hear a crashing sound.

Uranus, Uranus spins on its side,
25,362 kilometers wide.
On this giant ball of ice,
It would take 168 years to orbit the sun twice.

Neptune, Neptune the most distant planet from the sun.
If you were born there it would be no fun.
165 years until a birthday.
That would be a very long way away.


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