Goodbye Love Poem

Poem About Love That Could Have Been

This poem is about a guy I loved dearly! I finally moved on and found my wonderful husband and then he tried to come back into my life. He hated it because he knew he was too late!

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Published by Family Friend Poems May 2012 with permission of the Author.

I am sitting here asking to let me see you one more time
I know the reason you say no is because you know we will both cry.
So I have to settle with this to tell you bye
I have loved you for so many years.
I know that you face love with so many fears.
I moved on and you came into my life late
How did I know to wait?
I miss you and all the great times we had shared
The crazy thing is that now I know that you actually cared.
You told me you love me more than life itself
But when I was available to you all you cared about was wealth
I get mad to know that I have to go through this pain again
But it is my fault because I let you back in.
I thought we could be friends and glad that you were a part of my life
But we both had to remember that I am now a wife.
I will always love you, and you will have a piece of my heart.
But now is the time that I need to do my part.
Goodbye, as I start to cry
I will love you until the day that I die!


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