Goodbye Love Poem

This is a poem for my friend Alyssa. I had a crush on her since the first day I laid eyes on her...I was working my way onto asking her out...but I was too scared of what she would say...when she passed away I didn't know how to handle her funeral, a friend of hers told me she liked me as every word of this poem is from the heart...please enjoy it....

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Hi, my name is Justin. I lost my older brother in a car accident 1 week before his 31st birthday, and the poem you have put up was so good it made it feel like I lost my brother just...

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Tell Me Goodbye


Published: July 2011

The memories of you
Are engraved within my heart
Nothing in this world
Could ever tear us apart

Because you're not here
Some think that you're gone
But I tell them better
Let's say you just moved on

I try to stay positive
To keep you watching over me
Some think it's crazy
But I know you've got to be

We were pretty close
I hope I can say
You were so pretty
I'll never forget those days

You were such a fun person
And your personality was great
All the guys loved you
Most girls had to hate

I know how you were
And how you were so shy
But I wish you told me one thing
I wish you would have said goodbye...

Your future was great
You had so much in store
When I'm forced to think of it
It rots me to the core

I spend most of my time
Thinking of you
And reminiscing of the things
We said we'd do

What I wouldn't give
To be in your place
I'd give the whole world
Just to see your face

Some say I'm going crazy
Or maybe insane
But they don't understand
This heartbreaking pain

You were my drug
My source to get high
But I really do wish
You would have said goodbye...

I've been thinking of the days
When we used to sit together
I now cherish those moments
I also hope you remember

You're always in my head
And I can't get you out
I get so mad at times
That I just want to shout

I feel as if pieces are missing
Like a book with no end
Too late to tell you how I feel
Now and forever, only a friend

My old memories of you
Fly by me fast
And everything I remember of you
Is now in the past

All the sweet thoughts of you
Brings a tear to my eye
I miss you so much
I wish you'd say goodbye...

I hope heaven's good to you
And I hope you get your wings
And maybe when I get there
You can show me all the beautiful things

I really don't want to say it
But please wait for me
Knowing you're up there
I really can't wait to be

That day when angels came down
Was a sad day of grief
When I first found out
I stood in disbelief

Although you're gone
You still feel so close
Maybe it's the thought
Of missing you the most

I wish this was a joke
A foolish student's lie
But you have no idea
Please...tell me goodbye...

In Memory of Alyssa Kash
10/21/91 - 10/6/10

I'll always be here for you,
You will forever be missed...

- Michael Her



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  • by Justin Hagley
  • 10 months ago

Hi, my name is Justin. I lost my older brother in a car accident 1 week before his 31st birthday, and the poem you have put up was so good it made it feel like I lost my brother just yesterday. He was born on 26/3/1978 and died on 21/3/2010, so I will always have this in my mind.

  • by Lorna Mziba, Cape Town
  • 2 years ago

2 years ago I met a guy and he was such a cutie..we became friends and we used to hang a lot together... After spending time together he told me that he loved me but I gave no answer, later on I realized I loved him too but it was too late as he had moved on and found another girl. My heart still aches for that guy, he was my one and only and I wish he knew that before it was too late.

  • by Launa Erasmus, South Africa
  • 4 years ago

Exactly like my story I loved this guy, we were best friends. I met him during a summer vacation in 2005 and hanged around with him frequently. A year later I visited for another break. I had the option of staying there with my uncle but the thought of being away from my family consumed me. I told him that I could not stay, when he asked if I would. I could tell he was not happy with my decision at all. The day I left I did not see him. When went to his home, his mom said he would be back before I left. So I waited until 18:30; I left without seeing him. When I visited two years after I heard that his mom passed away and he move to a different town. I wish I could have told him that I love him. Last year I asked my aunt to trace his where-abouts but I heard he has children and lives with the mother of the children. My heart is torn. I am afraid I might lose hope on LOVE. It all seems to hurt so much!
(Heart-broken but I, too, say good-bye...)

  • by Steven Wolf
  • 5 years ago

This poem reminds me of my best friend she was always there for me when I needed it, then our world changed forever when a drunken driver took that all away. I held her bloody and bruised body in my arms saying everything will be alright and she whispered to me that she always loved me I hugged her and told her I did since the day we met. The ambulance came too late and the girl that I loved more then anything in the world died in my arms that night. Now I'm 15 and I'm full of pain and sadness.

  • by Sammi Alexandria Leighanne Hager
  • 4 months ago

Hey, I know what you wrote was 4 years ago, but my girlfriend at the time and I were engaged and had a kid on the way. On my birthday she was coming to pick me and her son up, and before I knew it, a drunk driver hit her and killed her. I finally found out a week later. Her parents hated me because we were both bisexual and had a kid on the way. Now I'm 18 and still think about her. Not a day goes by that I don't think about the girl I am and was in love with. Five years later I haven't seen our son because her parents have full custody over him.

  • by Jackline
  • 5 years ago

The poem reminds me of old days when my ex so called nowadays broke my heart for another lady. It's so encouraging to see that when I read that poem I feel that am not the only person who has been heart broken. Though sometimes truth is hard to swallow.

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