Hurting Poem

I wrote this when I thought my marriage was over. I hope I am wrong and that it will endure 'til the end of time.

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When You Know The End Is Near


Published: February 2011

It is hard to imagine life without you in it
The dreams that we shared are now just painful things
When you realize that no matter what you do
No matter what you try
The end is here

The nights are not the same
And the days are long
When I think about all the good times we shared
It is hard to imagine not being there with you in the end

Maybe some day I will let go of it all
Think about something else for a change
Right now all I think about is you

I have lost my best friend
The person I want to share everything with
You have been the person I turn to in a time of need
Now I must do it on my own

The love I have for you is one that will never end
It is something I believed and trusted in
No matter what happens between us
No matter how much time passes between us
Please remember that I will love you 'til the end



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