Child Death Poetry Quotes

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Quote About A Mother's Love Growing

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A mother's love for her child never ends;
it grows and grows
and never stops,
even after her death.

- Mary E. Martinez


Quote Saying Goodbye To Unborn Son

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I'll see you someday
in the future not so near.
'Til then, baby boy,
I'll love you from here.

- Angie Milton

Quote Asking God To Care For Child

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Dear God, please take care of my little girl,
the one with big eyes and soft brown curls.
She was special, as you should know.
I really didn't want to let her go.

Terry Gouveia

Quote About Losing Young Child

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One day God made you His,
leaving all of us below. . .
Your short life had more impact
than a hundred million men.

Tony Doiron

Quote About Facing Each Day

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The bond between
a mother and daughter
is so strong that even
death cannot break it.

- Anita Hermalin

Quote Coping With Death Of  Daughter

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My twinkling little stars, we make a wish to you:
Please watch over us throughout the night and day.
Please guide us through these storms,
and keep our fears at bay.

- Jeffrey E. Stuberg

Blessed By Son's Short Life

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No mother should ever have to walk
this lonely and painful road.
The death of a beautiful child you know
is just too heavy a load.

- Cara Veronica Doyle

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