Brother Death Poems

Brother Death Poems

Goodbye Brother Poems

Siblings that pass away have special meaning to us. They are often close in age to us and their death may bring to mind our own mortality. Life is no longer taken for granted. Someone from our generation has passed away. If the death is unexpected, there may be loose ends in the relationship that have not been dealt with. It is common that a death of a sibling brings upon a search for meaning. We may ask ourselves if we are accomplishing the goals that we have set for ourselves.

25 Poems about Losing a Brother

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  1. 1. For My Brother

    You left without
    Gone so fast.
    Now all we have

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    I lost the closest person to baby brother, Bronson. We were only 13 months apart. We were best friends from the day he was born. We could talk without talking! (Our mom hated it)...

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  3. 2. Memories

    • By Tamarah M. Olsen
    • Published: April 2015

    My memories are what I have left,
    and a lesson I will not forget.

    The time has come when time is no more

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    I am devastated at the loss of my only sibling, my lovely, caring, intelligent little brother. He was only 54. He had had more than his fair share of heartache, loss and unhappiness in his...

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  5. 3. Goodbye Brother

    • By Sunshine
    • Published: September 2008

    Heaven has called upon you today,
    leaving so many words left to say.
    But now it's too late, for your time has come.
    Words unspoken - I am sure everybody has some.

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    This poem is so touching! Only those who have lost their brothers can feel it. My only brother, Shahriar Hossain Sabbir, said goodbye on 31 August this year. He just celebrated his 28th...

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  6. 4. A Wish And A Prayer

    • By Lauren
    • Published: March 2010

    May your spirit soar in freedom
    From the fears that gripped so tight.
    May you find the peace you searched for
    As you wandered, lost, in the night.

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    Miah, your comment touched my soul; I was searching for a poem fitting for my brother's funeral. I am not quite as eloquent as you to put into words how deeply I feel pain from his passing,...

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  7. 5. Big Brother Gone

    • By Christina A. Covarrubia
    • Published: February 2006

    Day by day, I think of you.
    How can all of this be true?
    I can't believe you're really gone;
    I still can't accept it,

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    It'll be 3 years next Monday since I lost my big brother on Oct 10th, 2013. This poem touched my heart. My world's a mess without him. I try to be strong for him; I just miss him so much....

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  8. 6. My Beloved Brother

    • By Brianna
    • Published: August 2008

    From day one all we did was fight.
    Now all I do is fight back my tears.
    I wanted to do everything you did,
    because I wanted to be just like you.

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    Tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of the death of my younger brother, Jay! He was diagnosed in the fall of 2012 with a very rare form of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma! He fought a very short,...

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  9. 7. Letting Go

    • By Shannon Billeter
    • Published: December 2007

    You're still here in my heart and mind,
    still making me laugh because your stories live on.
    I hold you in a thought and I can feel you.
    I feel you and this gives me strength and courage.

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    I lost my older brother Kyle in a motorbike accident on the July 17, 2016 at the age of 17. I have never lost anyone in my family, so this was a real shock for my first loss. On the November...

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  10. 8. To My Brother, Who Lost His Life To Cancer

    • By Lisa Crisp
    • Published: April 2009

    The time has come to say goodbye
    I will try not to cry

    It's been so hard to let you go

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  11. 9. For My Big Brother

    • By Tyra
    • Published: December 2010

    You showed me a lot of things.
    I learned a lot I didn't know,
    But you forgot to teach me one last thing -
    How to let you go.

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    I lost my brother January 4,1988. He died of complications from Diabetes Type 1. He was only 33 years old. It's like I lost half of myself. I didn't know how to live without him. Now I have...

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  12. 10. It Was Just Too Hard To Believe

    • By Racquel
    • Published: September 2007

    I never thought,
    I would see the day.
    When you wouldn't be there,
    to show me the way.

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    My youngest brother was born when I was 17. He was not planned, but he was so loved. I helped raise him because he was just 2 1/2 when my first son was born. They were best friends and raised...

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  13. 11. To My Brother

    • By Anne Harskamp
    • Published: March 2008

    To my Brother:

    Words are hard to describe feelings,
    I have always been better with images.

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    My brother died on his 12th birthday in 99. It has been 17 years, and I still think about him every day. I remember asking the nurse while he was on life support if it would be hard to deal...

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  14. 12. Missing You Forever

    • By Sanaz Shokravi
    • Published: October 2008

    It's been two weeks today
    that you finally got it your way.
    You left us here, without a farewell,
    leaving behind just your smell.

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    I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. My brother took his life on April 7, 2015. It was 4 days after his 50th birthday. He was the baby in our family, and I am the middle...

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  15. 13. Brothers

    • By Steve Mason
    • Published: August 2012

    From the depths of my heart, come the words of a brother,
    where our souls and our minds, are like that of no other.
    The spirit of competition, will always be there,
    in the look of our eyes, and the glance of our stare.

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  16. 14. Can't Live Without You

    So, I am sitting here, writing this poem to you,
    because right now it is all I can do.
    I write all these poems from what I feel,
    all these feelings I have are too real.

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    I was recently cheated on by a guy I was dating and I feel so horrible. Reading poetry helped alot.

  17. 15. For Deric

    • By Angela Lowry
    • Published: February 2016

    My tears will never cease to flow.
    I cannot bear to see your pain.
    We share a past no one else can know.
    Now I'll never see your face again.

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    Having just lost my brother to cancer, this poem hit a raw nerve. It's spot on. I continually tell myself and everyone at least my brother is not in pain anymore. He can be without pain. It's...

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  18. 16. Pain And Sorrow

    This life is filled with pain and sorrow,
    I always wonder if I'll make it through tomorrow.
    I don't know what I'm going to do,
    I'm always missing you.

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    It's heartbreaking for me to read your story because it sounds so much like mine. On October 12, 2016, my grandmother on my mom's side died. She raised me like her child, so she was my mama....

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  19. 17. Trail Of Tears

    • By Ashley Kettle
    • Published: August 2014

    You made a bad decision,
    you left me alone livin'.
    The pain I feel is real, not fiction,.
    You were my older brother, my best friend, it was a givin'.

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    I lost my brother a month ago. He was shot just after his visit to see me. He and his girlfriend were walking on the street. I feel so lost without it. It was just the two of us. Our parents...

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  20. 18. In Memory Of My Brother

    • By Marie
    • Published: June 2011

    It's been so long since you've been gone
    It still hurts all day long
    There isn't a day that goes by
    Without me thinking why

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    In love of memory of my brother (Stephen), age 34. He passed away on 10/03/2017. My brother sadly left from a massive heart attack. They brought him back, but after 3 days his body shut down...

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  21. 19. I Often Wonder

    • By Christian
    • Published: March 2011

    I often wonder how life would be, if you were still down here with me.
    I often wonder if you'd make them proud, would you be quiet or would you be loud?
    I often wonder if you'd be class clown, bring someone up if they were down.
    I often wonder if you'd be bright, be the type who is always right.

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    This is so perfect to how I feel. My brother passed away before I was born and I was named after him, so I have always felt this massive connection and sometimes emptiness and jealousy that I...

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  22. 20. I'm Alive

    • By Abigale
    • Published: September 2008

    Do not stand beside my grave and cry
    Because I am not there
    I am still alive

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    Thank you all. Reading your stories makes me feel like I'm not alone. I miss my brother. Two weeks before his birthday God took him. Today is his birthday, and I want to give my best present....

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