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Poem About Being Blessed By Son's Short Life

Adrian was born healthy and beautiful on January 3, 2005. He was 3 months and 9 days old when he fell ill very suddenly on April 12th with MRSA pneumonia. He fought a brave and heart-breaking battle for his life at Sick Kids Hospital that lasted 45 days. He was 4 months and 22 days old when he became one of God's angels on May 25, 2005. He will forever be our beautiful, blonde, blue eyed angel. RIP xxx
This poem was written for my son, Adrian Luis DiRaimo

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My baby boy, Aayan, was premature. I spent many weeks at the hospital to save his life. I had a hope he would be with me, but God had a different plan. My son lived for 3 hours only. I really...

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Beautiful Boy - RIP Darling Adrian


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011 with permission of the Author.

My darling Adrian,
My love and my joy
Can't believe it's today -
you're my birthday boy

Those beautiful blue eyes,
So filled with delight
Still visit me in my dreams
So many a night.

This ache in my heart
Will never go away.
It will serve as my reminder
Of my love for you each day.

From the moment I carried you
So safe in my womb,
God had his own plan.
He would take you too soon.

Such a special little soul
Filled with beauty so bright
Could only live in our world
On loan a few nights.

Little did I know,
4 months and 22 days.
My honour was to love you
In so many special ways.

To kiss your beautiful face
And watch the sun rise.
Those few fateful months
Would be the best in my life.

To love and laugh
And cry and feel.
The life you had
Was so delicate and real.

How did I ever kiss you goodbye?
How did I ever let you go?
This heart will break forever.
Mommy still misses you so.

Parents: Hold your children closer -
Kiss their faces, wipe their tears
Thank God every minute you have them.
It could be days ... you pray it's years

My darling angel,
My beautiful boy,``
Mommy loves you so much.
You are my pride and joy.

No mother should ever have to walk
This lonely and painful road
The death of a beautiful child you know
Is just too heavy a load.

Or maybe I am the lucky one? For I had such a beautiful son...
If time was mine and I had the choice
I would change not a second.
It would be this mother's choice

For a chance to have you near me.
The beauty of your lifetime
Was so pure, and what a wonderful chance
To steal a ray of sunshine!

You are my darling angel,
And you've made me so proud.
I'll scream it from the mountaintops
And sing it way out loud.

Hey guess what friends,
I've got something to say.
You can talk about my angel
He's my existence every day...


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  • Emmie by Emmie
  • 7 years ago

I miss my brother, though I never got to meet him. He died just an hour after he was born. I miss him so bad. My family is all fighting back our tears.

  • Kamila by Kamila
  • 7 years ago

My baby boy, Aayan, was premature. I spent many weeks at the hospital to save his life. I had a hope he would be with me, but God had a different plan. My son lived for 3 hours only. I really miss him. I'm in so much pain, and his sisters were waiting for him. I want him to be with us, but he had no chance to live. My little angel, mummy loves you so much.

  • Miranda Chikhosi by Miranda Chikhosi
  • 7 years ago

My Ivan-George came into this world 3 months early,at only 800g he fought his way out of the ICU. Words can not describe how I felt to have him home, I thought surely he is here to stay. But God had other plans, at exactly 17 weeks He called him back. i pray every day for God to give me strength, because I miss him so much

  • Phie by Phie, Mandaluyonh Phils.
  • 8 years ago

I called my baby 'little warrior', born premature at only 1000gms. The battle he has gone through is very tough..staying in the ICU for the rest of his time alive.
Losing him, I turned to God. I have always prayed and hoped for him to make it, but God had better plans.
I found comfort in knowing that I bore an angel.
My Austin's life, though short, is very meaningful and has taught us a lot.
Seeing his struggles with every test, blood transfusion, injections breaks my heart.
Losing him, means ending that battle.
Knowing that he's finally at peace gives me strength to move on and heal.
Though I will never get the chance to teach him to walk , to bring him to school.
Those 35 precious days of his life will always be treasured.

  • Tegan Kealy by Tegan Kealy, Newcastle
  • 12 years ago

I had a beautiful baby boy, when I was very young. I was so happy. It was going to be he most happiest time of my life. Even though I was considered very young, me and the father were so in love, and thought we would always be together. Well I ended up losing the baby a few months into the pregnancy. It devastated me. I felt like my life was falling and no one could fix it or make anything better. To make things worse on myself I couldn't tell the father, as I knew how much he was looking forward to the moment of becoming a father. When he eventually found out, he was emotional and could not handle it. We finally broke up, as we could not handle the stress and the pain of losing our child precious child. It was the hardest thing a person should ever have to go through, but he was taken away for a reason.

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