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Poems about Death and Grief

A family is like a body. When a family loses a loved one, it is as if they have lost one of their limbs. The contribution that was made by the family member that was lost can never be replaced. That person is gone. What that person has brought to the family is gone. Is it important for the family to take time to grieve for this loss. Doing so is a matter of respect for the relative that has passed. It is also a step that the family must take to acknowledge its loss. If we do not take the time to honor the lost relative, it is as if we are saying that they didn't matter to us.

Poems For Grieving After The Loss of a Loved One


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  1. Seasons Of Grief

    Shall I wither and fall like an autumn leaf,
    From this deep sorrow - from this painful grief?
    How can I go on or find a way to be strong?
    Will I ever again enjoy life's sweet song?

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    Where do I start? I knew my husband was a good man when I picked him up for the first time at his mother's house. Here was a man helping her with house work. I sat there while he finished...

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  3. Sometimes

    • By Colleen Ranney
    • Published: January 2012
    Poem For Parent Who Has Lost A Child

    Sometimes I catch a glimpse,
    In softened waves of blue,
    My child, my heart ...when I see a smile,
    I can't help but think of you.

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    Thank you so much for the lovely poem. I look at the sky every night to see the brightest star. I say it is my dear son Patrick who I lost very suddenly at the age of 27 years. Patrick was...

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  4. One Year Less

    Poem Grieving Over Loss

    There is no word, no label, no identifying moniker,
    I am not a widow, not an orphan, not childless,
    But one child less.
    One less open laugh and little boy giggle,

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    I recently lost my beloved husband and so I know the despair of unimaginable grief. I have also recently discovered that he was my independance. I believed I was strong and could handle...

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  6. How We Survive

    Comfort After Loss Of A Loved One

    If we are fortunate,
    we are given a warning.

    If not,

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    I lost my daughter in 1995 and this is exactly what I went through. It's almost as if you were there with me. Only someone who has experienced this darkness thoroughly could have written...

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  7. This Basket Of Burdens

    • By Debbie
    • Published: March 2010

    My Basket of burdens
    Is filled with the grief of my loss
    It is so heavy to carry
    Although this road I must cross....

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    My Daughter, Brandi, passed away on Sept. 17, 2007, then 5 months later, my step-dad passed in Feb. 2008 and then my younger Brother passed on July 8, 2008. In 3 years, we have had 21 deaths...

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  8. Grieving For A Loved One

    • By Carolynn F
    • Published: May 2013

    I shed a tear, I feel quite numb
    another loss, thoughts of a dearly beloved one
    they say "time heals", give it a while
    remember all the happy times and smiles...

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    I lost my Mama in 2010. I still cannot be the woman I should be. I miss her terribly. My Daddy passed in 2013. My stepdad committed suicide in 2016. My precious dog, Buddy, was shot in...

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  10. My Mask

    Every morning I wake up and put on a mask.
    The mask makes everything seem all right,
    But they don't know I cry at night.
    The nightmares just won't go away.

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    Six years ago, my only grandmother died. I was devastated. I'm still thinking about her every day. I think I never properly dealt with her death. I just miss her so much. I find so much...

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  11. A Lost Family Tree

    • By Moneisha S. Madden
    • Published: February 2006

    Sometimes I crawl
    Into my skin
    To lose myself
    From the world...

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    I really liked this poem I love how it seems like you are so close to your family in the poem and you care about them but in your words you are describing the horrible things that happened....

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  12. My Dad

    A Poem Of Grief For Dad

    Do you know how it feels to lose someone?
    How you go through grief and pain?
    I know how that feels,
    and how it feels to always live in rain. ...

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    I lost may dad, my super hero, my best fried only three weeks ago. I am still coming to terms with this but this poem..... I swear seems like the words were in my brain already.
    I just lost...

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  13. You Live Daddy

    • By Tessie M. Santiago
    • Published: February 2006
    You Live Daddy!

    I stand alone with you in my mind
    Your words taught me how to survive
    Your strength never let me down
    Now you're gone...

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    hey I just wanted to let you know that I know how you feel I have 7 brothers and 1 sister my mom died when I was 2 and dad when I was 11 all I want is for them to come back I'll be praying...

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