Daughter Death Poem

Poem Coping With Death Of Two Daughters

My brother over the course of 5 years lost both of his daughters to a genetic disorder. His oldest daughter suffered for nine years before dying at the age of 22. His younger daughter fell ill 5 years later. She died at the same age 22. I wrote this poem with the hope of putting their pain into words and helping them grieve their profound loss.

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How I Wonder Why


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011 with permission of the Author.

My twinkling little star, how I wonder, Why?
Two little girls visited us for such a little while.
We were blessed with laughter, singing and dancing,
Their hugs, a million smiles.

We danced and sang as families do, the love and joy we shared;
As parents, we were blessed!
The innocence of childhood, the wonderment of life -
As grown ups we surrender that, our daughters never did.
We watched and marveled as they grew,
Their spirits were a testament for what is good and true.

We wanted to protect you, the clouds they filled with rain.
A parent's job is hard you know, the helplessness was pain.
We held you close and felt your love,
We knew as well your fear.
The storms were strong, the darkness black as parents we fought back.

My twinkling little star, it is hard to understand, but Why?
Our love was not enough to keep our daughter's near.

Those precious days now seem like minutes,
As we cherish all our memories.
We pray this be our treasury.
That our dreams be filled with minuets, smiles, songs and laughter.

My twinkling little stars, we make a wish to you:
Please watch over us, throughout the night and day,
Please guide us through these storms, and keep our fears at bay.
Someday we will join you two, but until that day is true,
The rainbows, sun and flowers will be what reminds us both of you.


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