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Will Always Be There

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You are a best friend
that will always be there
because you are a best friend
that really cares.

- Brian Myers

Quote About Meaning What We Say

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Sometimes I wonder
how the world would be
if we said what we meant
and meant what we said.

- Leah

Having You In My Life

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Having you in my life
and fulfills
every part of me.

- Kaitlyn M. Yawn

Don't Want To Say Goodbye

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I look up to you,
and I see a ray of sunshine shining in on me.
I knew God sent me one of his angels
when he sent you to me.

Asha Cook


My Best Friend

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When everyone in this world turns
and you feel alone,
reach out
and I'll be there.

- Mary B

Friends Whose Hearts Are As One

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There is a secret that only real friends know,
and it is this.
All the mountains and valleys in the world
cannot separate friends whose hearts are as one

Family Friend Poems

The Greatest Friend

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If I'm happy or sad,
upset or mad,
you're one of the greatest friends
I ever had.

Florence Gustave

Quote For A Friend Who Helps

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Do not forget your friends at all,
for they pick you up when you fall.
Do not expect to just take and hold.
Give friendship back; it is pure gold.

Gillian E. Jones

Good Friends Quote

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Good friends
are hard to find,
hard to lose,
and impossible to forget.

Valerie M.

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