Betrayed Friend Poem by Teens

For a really long time I wished that things had turned out differently. That maybe I didn't do enough to stop things or that I made a mistake. Then I was angry. Anytime I heard her name. Now? I've moved on. For good. And I know now that I was just going through the grief of losing my best friend of many years. But no one deserves to be treated wrong. And I hope you will stand up for yourself when it happens.

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Standing Strong

© more by Sami Chester

Published: July 2017

You think that I don't miss you
And you think that I don't care.
I'm tired of all this.
Time to open up and share.

All these problems started
Many many months ago
When you started all the lies
And kept hidden things that I should know.

From there on, it just kept adding
To a debt you couldn't pay.
That's what lead us to
Where we are at today.

There are times I think of you
And really want to cry.
And every time I see you
I can only wonder why.

You hurt me in so many ways.
I hope it doesn't show,
But if you ask if I regret
Leaving you, then no.

Even when I tried
To give you another chance
I realized with you here.
My life has no balance.

The last few months with you
Was hell on earth and more.
Way too many tears than laughs,
My eyes and heart too sore.

That emotional rollercoaster ride
That went up and down again
Has been evacuated
Until the very end.

Thanks for all the memories,
But you can keep them all
'Cause I'm living in the present
And I'll keep standing tall.



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