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Friendship is the bread of life. It is essential to our well being. We could not survive without it. Ever since the beginning of time we have been extending the hand of friendship to each other. In very primitive communities, having the help of others in a crisis is a matter of survival. However, even in today's world where it seems as if we could survive without ever talking to another human being, friendship is important. Friendship is a prerequisite to sanity. We are social human beings and we need friends to survive.

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The Greatest Friend

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If I'm happy or sad,
upset or mad,
you're one of the greatest friends
I ever had.

Florence Gustave


Friends Are There

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Friends are there
To help you along.
The journey through friendship
Is always long.

Valerie M.

Life- Long Pals

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We are always by each other,
never leaving.
We are best friends,
never deceiving.

- Sierra

Friend Like A Sister

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I know you as a sister,
And I will always care,
Love, respect, and trust
Are the things we share.


Through Thick And Thin

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Life goes on,
and people change,
and through it all,
our friendship shall remain the same.

- Annie Hall

Special True Friend

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When times are tough,
you are always there.
It has brightened my world
just knowing you care.

- Crystal A. Dedes

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