Life Long Friend Poem

I'm Sierra and I wrote this poem to always remember my friend who moved away. This poem is about that, no matter what happens, you and your pal should never be separated by heart.

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Life- Long Pals


Published: July 2007

   We are always by each other, never leaving.
   We are best friends, never deceiving.

   Sometimes we fight. sometimes we cry.
   We're best friends, we never lie.

   Life- long pals means best pals forever and ever.
   We'll never be apart, never.

   But some things change. you moved away.
   I thought you were here to always stay.

   But we made a promise to be life long pals.
   We turned out to be the best gals.

   If something ever happened to you, I'd remember we made a friendship pact.
   Everybody knows we're friends, yep that's a true fact.

   I will always love you no matter where you may be.
   Just remember to always remember me!


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