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Born on December 28 to a lovely family- three sisters and a brother. Earned a degree in Urban and Regional Planning. Christian, nature loving and mildly introverted. Enjoys books and music. Likes teaching, loves kids, designs buildings, enjoys writing poetry.

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  • Benign Attitudes

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    • Posted 16 hours, 19 minutes ago
    The Little Things That Matter

    in Home Poems

    Goodwill with friends and family
    Sometimes eludes us easily
    And the problem we often face
    Are benign attitudes we embrace

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  • Cool It Down

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    • Posted 3 days, 12 hours ago
    Living With Humility

    in Life Lesson Poems

    You're not so important,
    That no one can replace,
    If you leave today,
    Someone will fill your space;

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  • Something To Tame

    • Published: February 1, 2018
    The Power Of The Tongue

    in Meaningful Poems

    I have seen what words can do,
    As I deal with people everywhere;
    The tongue is powerful, it's true!
    Something to tame and use with care.

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    It's a simple creation of a sincere thought. This is true. Our tongues can bite and soothe life. Good work.

  • How Often, If Only...

    • Published: February 6, 2018
    The Essence Of Kindness

    in Compassion Poems

    If only
    We'd have helping hands that lead,
    Open arms accepting those in need,
    Not fingers pointing out misdeed.

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  • Perceptions

    • Published: January 11, 2018
    Jumping To Conclusions About People

    in Life Lesson Poems

    First impressions can be strong
    About those we see around.
    Yet how often are they wrong?
    That is the truth I've found.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I really enjoyed this poem because it is true on so many levels. I've been misjudged, mislabeled, and criticized, and I'm sure I've done the same. You really captured the feeling.

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