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Poems about Life Lessons

It has been said that life is the most patient teacher. You will be presented with the same experience over and over until you learn the best way to deal with the situation. This is not because life is cruel. Rather, it is because things have a way of coming back to haunt us when we don't deal with them. One form of intelligence is the ability to learn from mistakes. When you are presented with a painful experience, take the time to think about how you can avoid it in the future. This is an example of a lesson learned.

Poems about Lessons Learned from Mistakes


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  1. Perceptions

    Jumping To Conclusions About People

    First impressions can be strong
    About those we see around.
    Yet how often are they wrong?
    That is the truth I've found.

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    I really enjoyed this poem because it is true on so many levels. I've been misjudged, mislabeled, and criticized, and I'm sure I've done the same. You really captured the feeling.

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  3. Lessons For Living

    Poem About What To Teach Children

    I see you looking at your children,
    Wondering what their lives will be.
    If you verify some answers
    Then their future you might see.

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  4. I Still Matter

    Dealing With Growing Old


    My looks are nothing special,
    My face reveals my age,

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    I would like to tell you that your poem touched my heart. I have been interested in learning from older individuals throughout my career as a physical therapist. I recently returned to school...

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  6. Make It Count

    Poem About Living In The Moment

    That friend,
    Would you two have had more fun
    If you knew how long he'd be gone?

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  7. Good Timber

    • By Douglas Malloch
    Good Timber By Douglas Malloch

    The tree that never had to fight
    For sun and sky and air and light,
    But stood out in the open plain
    And always got its share of rain,

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  8. A Snowflake Falls

    • By Ruth Adams
    • Published: February 2006
    Importance Of Staying Connected With Family And Friends

    One night I saw a snowflake fall,
    Past memories it did recall,

    And as the snow fell to the ground,

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    Great style, honest writing. I love it! This hit close to home for me and made me think... plus, my nickname's Snowflake, so that's perfect. Thank you very much, and please keep sharing your...

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  10. Changing The Past

    Poem About Letting Go Of The Past


    The past is the past for a reason.
    That is where it is supposed to stay,
    But some cannot let it go.
    In their heads it eats away

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    I really enjoyed this poem. It's so very true. We all have certain regrets or circumstances in life we would give anything to change if we could. Sometimes that is just not possible, and even...

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  11. Be Proud Of Who You Are

    I Am Unique

    I come with no wrapping or pretty pink bows.
    I am who I am, from my head to my toes.
    I tend to get loud when speaking my mind.
    Even a little crazy some of the time.

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    Wow...the lines are awesome. The poet used wonderful poetic devices and has touched my soul. These lines have drenched me in their beauty, from crown of my head to heel of my toe. This is...

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  12. Wisdom's Woods

    Learn From Everything That Happens

    For every time I've failed,
    For every time I've screwed up,
    For every time I've said "I'm Sorry,"
    And for every time I've not.

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    Wow! It's beautiful. Amazing creation and self-expression of holding on and a journey through the uncertainties of life. Loved it. I'm sailing in the same boat.

  13. Lessons

    • By Jeremiah E. Fanjul
    • Published: January 2017
    Everyone Has Lessons To Learn

    There's beauty in struggle,
    There's feeling in pain.
    For every painstaking mistake,
    There are lessons you can name.

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    Same, life can be very hard. I know, but one thing to remember is to never give up no matter how hard it gets. Life will get better; I can assure you of that.

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