Life Lesson Poem

Poem About Seeing Progress In Slowing Down

I had to learn over time not to judge my progress in life realtive to others. And I found it healthier. I'm grateful to God for that realization; it's kept me going.

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In Progress

© more by Abimbola T. Alabi

Published by Family Friend Poems May 29, 2023 with permission of the Author.

Striving daily for progress,
Learning a paradox too --
That it's not always forward movement;
Sometimes, the reverse will do.

That progress may take the form
Of slowing down the pace.
It's the admittance of a wrong turn,
Of having steps to retrace.

It's in pausing to find my bearing,
At the risk of seeming slack.
It's in opting against some shortcut,
For a rather less-travelled track.

It's not always how far and away,
I am at a given instance.
It's a lot more about the direction
Than it is the covered distance.

Each day is a chance for progress.
Lord, I want the forward kind.
Help me, too, to know where to let go,
And what to leave behind.


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