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Prayer is communication between man and God. A family that incorporates prayer into their lifestyle are giving the ultimate gift to themselves. Life is difficult and suffering is an inevitable part of life. A family that prays knows that they can turn to God and be accepted and loved for who they are. Every human being needs to turn to God with his or her triumphs and failures and know that life is meaningful. A family that prays together has the ultimate support system.

Poetry describing prayer and feelings of spirituality.


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  1. To Our Ellis

    • By Pamela A. Snow
    • Published: February 2006
    Mother Explains Heaven To Her Dying Son

    How does a loving mother explain
    Heaven to her dying child?
    Please give me the words, O Lord, and
    let me say them with a smile...

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    Indeed it's so painful
    Losing a son whom you gave your all
    Who had a promising future
    Now in your presence can't feature
    Only the Creator of the universe knows...

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  3. Teach Me, Lord

    Prayer Asking To Be Taught By God

    Teach me, Lord,
    What I don't know
    Show me which way
    And where to go

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    I really liked this poem and hope that other people think the same about it.

  4. To My Daughter After Rehab

    • By Jean Toomey
    • Published: January 2014
    Mother's Prayer

    I prayed for God to wrap His arms
    Around my little brown-eyed girl
    Asking Him to send His angels
    To protect her in this world

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    My fiance's ex wife is a severe alcoholic. He has put her through 6 rehabs and every time she relapses. I try to be understanding of the situation but she blames him for everything wrong in...

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  6. My Fallen Hero

    Poem Thinking About Deployed Soldier

    Life is given as a gift,
    So wonderful and new.
    We need to live it day to day,
    Being careful as we do.

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    The last stanza touched my heart, it provokes me and I recall that person who was very dear to me whom I have lost forever.

  7. A Gentle Breeze

    • By Laurie Swartzfager
    • Published: September 2011
    Power Of Prayer Poem

    As I sit here all alone admiring the view of an early sunrise,
    I tilt my head back and close my eyes.
    A soft gentle breeze crosses my face.
    I look around and enjoy the quietness of God's peace and the soft gentle pace.

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    Oh, I like this poem very much. It will continue to be an inspirational poem for years to come. Keep up the good work. :) It made my day and gave me tears of joy.

  8. A Letter To God

    Poem About Feeling Lost And Finding Peace In Prayer

    Dear God,

    Can you hear me?
    Can you please take my hand?

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    I have been clean for 5 days and I am doing that myself. I see how you feel. I let God have the wheel. And he has all of my problems.

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  10. Healing Love

    A Prayer For A Friend With Anxiety

    Oh Great God, You alone can ease
    The pounding of my troubled heart.
    Only with You I am at peace,
    For You make all my fears depart.

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    Yes! It's a poem which make us believe that someone is above us. Who is watching our deeds, who is worried about us. Truly this poem is so touchy that it has filled my wounded heart with the...

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  11. A Parents Prayer

    • By Althea A. Anker
    • Published: February 2006
    Prayer For The Children

    Thank you God for
    The children of mine
    Who teach me things
    That blow my mind.

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    This is exactly my prayer for my two sons and for my upcoming baby. I am really touched by this poem. Love it!!!
    I have two sons, one of them is with me and my eldest is with my mom....

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  12. Lost My Way

    • By Lee
    • Published: April 2011
    Poem About Finding My Way Back To God

    Oh Lord, oh Lord, with words sincere,
    I ask your help - please will you hear?
    This world has torn my integrity apart,
    and so to you I pour out my heart.

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    Yes this poem touched me, I'm currently feeling very overwhelmed and I've come to a bursting point. I recently just broke down and cried and just kept crying. I've asked God how did I get to...

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  13. My Dove

    • By Sheree L. Rondo
    • Published: February 2006

    You make me laugh when I want to cry
    You're honest to me you have never lied.

    When my fears disappear,

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