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Prayer Poems

Poems about Prayer

Prayer is communication between man and God. A family that incorporates prayer into their lifestyle are giving the ultimate gift to themselves. Life is difficult and suffering is an inevitable part of life. A family that prays knows that they can turn to God and be accepted and loved for who they are. Every human being needs to turn to God with his or her triumphs and failures and know that life is meaningful. A family that prays together has the ultimate support system.

34 Poems describing prayer and feelings of spirituality.

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  1. 1. Teach Me, Lord

    Teach me, Lord,
    What I don't know.
    Show me which way
    And where to go.

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    Your poem is beautiful, Heather. You ask for what we need the most in order to be able to live for our Lord. We certainly need his guidance so we can be faithful, obedient, show grace and...

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  3. 2. A Mother's Love Prayer

    Lord, help me be the Mother
    You've chosen me to be,
    One parent with a loving heart,
    The mother of my three.

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  5. 3. God Bless You, Little One

    A baby is a gift, a blessing that makes our lives worthwhile,
    As they complete us, give us purpose and always manage to make us smile.

    Their cuddles, snuggles, and soft kisses can brighten up any day.

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  6. 4. This Brand New Day

    This brand new day I go in faith,
    But I know not what lies in wait,
    So dear God, this morning I pray,
    Take control and lead the way.

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    An inspiring poem that filled me with faith and hope in our heavenly father. I really enjoyed reading this poem and prayer.

  7. 5. Go With Grace

    Each morning of this month
    When you rise upon your bed,
    May it be with renewed grace
    To face the day ahead.

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  8. 6. Dear God, I Have A Prayer Today

    • By Vivian Rogers
    • Published: November 2015

    Dear God, I have a prayer today.
    Please Lord, do not let me go astray.
    Teach me to share your love with others.
    Give me peace to spread to my sisters and brothers.

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    I have been going through a lot of things. Some people say I'm going depression. It is nice to know God is by my side all day, every day.

  9. 7. A Letter To God

    Dear God,

    Can you hear me?
    Can you please take my hand?

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    I have been clean for 5 days and I am doing that myself. I see how you feel. I let God have the wheel. And he has all of my problems.

  10. 8. A Prayer For You

    I lifted you to the Lord today
    as I spent some time in prayer.
    I asked God to be near you
    and your burdens help you bear.

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  11. 9. MaMa Said A Prayer

    She bowed her head, closed her eyes,
    As she began to pray.
    She said, "Dear God, watch over her.
    Keep her in Your tender care today."

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  12. 10. Lord, I Pray Each And Every Day

    • By Tilly Baley
    • Published: December 2017

    Lord, I pray
    Each and every day
    For those who suffer from
    Grief and pain.

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  13. 11. My Personal Prayer

    God, grant me the strength to handle life's challenges,
    In order to overcome these life long obstacles.
    God, grant me the courage to stand up for what I believe in,
    In order to express my true opinions without fear.

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    I am reading this poem with tears in my eyes I love this prayer I'm seeing my self in it! This poem is very special to me!! I need God in everything I'm going through! Thank Angie May God...

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  14. 12. No Time To Pray

    • By Angela Harvey Pitcher
    • Published: November 2014

    So many times
    I hear people say
    "We are so busy,
    And have no time to pray."

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    I have a sister, and she prays in her bedroom every morning before doing anything else. My husband and I were talking yesterday about how disciplined she is. This poem is a tribute to all,...

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  15. 13. Prayer For The Morning

    My Heavenly Father,
    How wondrous are Your ways.
    As this new day is dawning
    My soul will sing Your praise.

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    As I read this poem, I could feel my heart opening up and allowing prayer in. One verse of the poem reminded me of a specific chapter and verse in the Bible; however, I cannot recall which...

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  16. 14. These Ol' Shoes

    • By Lori K. Barber
    • Published: October 2015

    Lord, it's a mountain you gave me to climb,
    and I've had my share of mountains behind.
    Each time I've climbed I depended on faith
    to guide me along with each step I take.

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  17. 15. A Gentle Breeze

    • By Laurie Swartzfager
    • Published: September 2011

    As I sit here all alone admiring the view of an early sunrise,
    I tilt my head back and close my eyes.
    A soft gentle breeze crosses my face.
    I look around and enjoy the quietness of God's peace and the soft gentle pace.

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    Oh, I like this poem very much. It will continue to be an inspirational poem for years to come. Keep up the good work. :) It made my day and gave me tears of joy.

  18. 16. A New Year Foretold

    This New Year has been foretold.
    Your future is at hand.
    God knows the fate and outcome
    of each and every man.

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  19. 17. Lifeline

    Prayer is the breath
    That revives my soul.
    Prayer is the balm
    That makes my spirit whole.

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  20. 18. Carry Me

    I run to You with my hurts and fears,
    Carry me, Lord, in Your unfailing love.
    When no one really understands or cares,
    I run to You with my hurts and fears.

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  21. 19. A Parent's Prayer

    • By Althea A. Anker
    • Published: February 2006

    Thank you, God, for
    The children of mine
    Who teach me things
    That blow my mind.

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    This is exactly my prayer for my two sons and for my upcoming baby. I am really touched by this poem. Love it!!!
    I have two sons, one of them is with me and my eldest is with my mom. As...

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  22. 20. Pushed Away

    • By Maria
    • Published: March 2017

    I want to be brave.
    I want to be smart.
    I want to be saved.
    I want a new start.

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