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  • One Or 33

    • Published: September 11, 2017
    Message From The Grave To Friends

    in Death Moving On Poems

    It doesn't matter how many years that we've been friends, be it 1 or 33,
    I've passed away, I'm gone now, so please listen to me,
    These words that I have written, a parting gift to you,
    To help you cope with me being gone, to stop you feeling blue.

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  • Remember Me

    • Published: January 2016
    Poem About Being Gone But Not Forgotten

    in Funeral Poems

    Speak of me as you have always done.
    Remember the good times, laughter, and fun.

    Share the happy memories we've made.

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    By sheer chance I came across your letter you wrote on your loss. Many years ago my wife and I stayed over in Devizes, and we enjoyed a great time there. Her death anniversary is next week....

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