Death Moving On Poem

Message From The Grave To Friends

One of my best childhood friends passed away recently. Although we grew apart in our teens and beyond, it is sad to have lost someone with whom I shared so many happy memories growing up. Skateboarding, break-dancing, partying, primary school memories that were shared and cherished. This is the second poem about the loss of a loved one that I have written, and I thought this one would help other friends of James to come to terms with his loss.

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One Or 33

© more by Anthony Dowson

Published by Family Friend Poems September 2017 with permission of the author.

It doesn't matter how many years we've been friends, be it 1 or 33,
I've passed away, I'm gone now, so please listen to me.
These words that I have written, a parting gift to you,
To help you cope with me being gone, to stop you feeling blue.

My instructions are very simple, and yes, they're from the grave,
But listen up and follow them, because I want you to be brave!
Crying, moping, getting annoyed... that just won't bring me back.
I'm sure that you are missing me, but you need to stay on track.

Move on with your life, don't dwell too much on not seeing me again.
Just think of all the happy times that we've had while we've been friends.
You filled my life with laughter, good times we've had a lot,
Although I may be gone now, the memories won't be forgot.

We've partied many times, maybe too many, some would argue!
Not enough I'd say, because they're some of the best memories that I have of you.
And even though we didn't part with a 'see ya' or goodbye,
We can't all live forever, because everyone has to die.

Each day that passes will get easier, and it won't help to feel too sad.
I don't want you feeling low, because that would just make me mad.
We don't have time to waste, and you'll probably miss me, that much is true,
But don't mope around or get depressed; there's a world to be explored by you.

I've made mistakes, hasn't everyone, thinking of these, you're not allowed,
Remember me when I was at my best, the times we joked and laughed out loud.
Do things to make others happy, and things that will make me proud
Keep smiling, and be giving, someone others want to be around.

Cherish the good times that we've had; but 'live your life' is the message I convey.
Just raise a glass and make a toast, for good times shared, at Christmas and on my birthday.
That's it, I'm finished, I'm done now, no more advice to you from me.
Just follow it to the letter, and that's my heart-felt plea.
It doesn't matter how many years that we've been friends, be it 1 or 33.


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