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    Poems by Bella

  • Catch Me When I Fall

    • Published: June 2011

    in Poems about Teen Life

    When tears fall
    And wet my cheeks...
    I want nothing more
    Than for a hand

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    I am 14 years old and my dad died when I was 2 months old and I still have a good mom and brothers. Plus there is this one girl that I love and she likes me to but she has a boyfriend.

  • Giving My Heart

    • Published: August 2011

    in Love Poems about Marriage

    First time we met,
    We smiled, laughed, and played
    By the big oak tree in the back,
    A kindergarten friendship we made.

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  • Bullies

    • Published: December 2015

    in Bullying Poems

    Telling me I'm weak
    Won't make you stronger.
    Telling me I'm ugly
    Won't make you prettier.

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  • Secret Garden

    • Published: April 2011

    in Garden Poems

    I have a secret garden,
    Where I can laugh and play.
    I have a secret garden,
    Often it's there I stay.

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  • Music

    • Published: December 2015

    in Music Poems

    Music is a privilege to all who hear her sing.
    Joy, heart and happiness is mostly what she'll bring.
    Her mood is your shadow: anger, love and irritation,
    Her mood reflects your own in a way of imitation.

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    Can I just commend this writer on this amazing poem. I was dancing while reading this. It really did touch me as I feel that exact way when I listen to music. I really do believe that music...

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