Bullying Poem

Putting Down Doesn't Make You Better

I have very dark hair, so I look like I have a moustache. I get teased horribly, and being the 'swat' of the class made it worse, so I'm writing this to show that bullies are often the ones with the faults.

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Published by Family Friend Poems December 2015 with permission of the author.

Telling me I'm weak
Won't make you stronger.
Telling me I'm ugly
Won't make you prettier.
Telling me I'm dumb
Doesn't make you smart.
Telling me I'm the useless one
Won't make you better than me.
Bullies are weak people
Who pleasure in others' pain.
I may not show it on my face,
But to me, your actions stain.
Bullies are people who don't know how
To be friends or to love.
Bullies are people who always put themselves above,
Because that's all they know to do.
They don't know sports or art.
Their talents are few,
Their minds are dull.
I feel sorry for bullies
Just because
All they know
Is wrong.


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