Bethny Ricks

Bethny Ricks

About Bethny Ricks

Know that I appreciate you already, and there is a high probability that we are more alike than different. There is an even greater chance that our stories are similar. Because I believe we are all trying to heal, learn, and figure out how to show up in a filtered world authentically.

You should know that I am a mother, raising two children in an unpredictable life. I have been in corporate America for over 18 years, and because of these two items I have a deep affinity for coffee and naps. My journey has been unpredictable from what I originally outlined, resulting in a lot of unexpected shifts that left me limping. But God operates with precision and purpose, never a bystander. Never surprised.

Though my faith is in the forefront, like you, I am human. And there was a significant period of time when pain and hopelessness knew the outline of my name. I could not find my courage or voice as my world privately crumbled. Yes, this smile knows what it means to be operating in a fog, and playing to expectations song.

So I am here to talk and write, but also remind you that you are seen. You, my friend, are not alone.

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