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  • Oh! Miraculous Nature

    I have learnt over the years to appreciate the beauty of nature and not to deliberately contribute to its destruction. Furthermore, I find peace and harmony in nature...I find God and myself in it. I wrote this poem to pay tribute to our natural surroundings. I also want to encourage people to take time to immerse themselves in nature...listening to its sounds, observing its movements, resting and healing in it, and most importantly learning from it.

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    • Posted on 05/29/16

    in Spiritual Poems about Nature

    As I sit by the river bank watching the slow flowing stream,
    I wonder to myself if this is but just a dream.

    I gaze in awe struck wonder at every visible creature,

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  • Prayer For God's Help

    • Published: September 2017

    in Prayer Poems

    Lord, when I worry about the bills,
    Knowing I don't have money-making skills,
    Please be my complete provider,
    As well as my ever present minder.


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  • Hope In God

    • Published: March 2016

    in God Poems

    When everything seems hopeless,
    Don't focus on the whole mess.
    Just count on every blessing.
    Then slowly you'll start progressing.


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  • The Voiceless Voice

    This is a poem about a trapped voice that belongs to a person that is too fearful to speak due to some form of oppression. It starts with the desperate cry of a voice that longs to escape a hopeless and dark place. As the voice continues to lament its predicament it eventually realizes that it's uniqueness gives it some purpose for its existence, which in turn gives it a stronger will to find freedom.

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    • Posted on 12/07/15

    in Abuse Poems

    Hidden and trapped in total darkness,
    no one knows of my imprisonment.
    To the hope of freedom I desperately cling,
    but to the suffocating power of restraint I submit,

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