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    Poems by Ebony Black

  • My Love

    This is a poem for the love of my life. It felt like I had searched my life just to find him. He is my first and only love.

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    • Posted on 01/10/24

    in True Love Poems

    From day one you saw me for who I was,
    I smiled across at you making you pause.
    It took me a bit longer to let you in,
    To let the avalanche of our love begin.

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  • Weight Of Change

    I became a mum this year and I'm trying to figure out the new me while trying not to miss who I felt I was before. I love being a mum but cetain factors haven't always made the journey easy. I wrote this poem to try and express how the change has affected me - you almost hit the ground running without a chance to pause for breath.

    • pending
    • Posted on 12/29/23

    in Change Poems

    The weight of my thoughts are slowly drowning me,
    A constant battle that no one can see.
    The need to be perfect and always fine,
    The struggle making me tread a very thin line.

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  • What Can You Do?

    • Published: July 10, 2022

    in Meaningful Poems

    When feelings lay buried, what can you do?
    When the words are too hard and you can't talk it through
    When the silence is easier than the thoughts in your mind
    When you want to pack it all up and leave it behind.


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  • The Breeze

    • Published: December 2021

    in Environment Poems

    The breeze that brushed across the grass
    Sang a song of days long passed
    Of mighty mountains and caves of gold
    Of hidden secrets and tales of old


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    I just randomly found your page and read every poem because each one was so extraordinarily good. We have almost the exact same style of writing, and I like that you write about...

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  • Time

    • Published: October 2021

    in Change Poems

    Time is endless but goes too fast.
    You long for the future, then yearn for the past.
    Summer's heat quickly turns to frost,
    A child grows, their innocence lost.


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