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Words Can Be Hard To Say

I wrote this poem as a way to express my feelings. Sometimes it's hard to get words out, especially to loved ones. This poem helped get those feelings out in a way that flowed.

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What Can You Do?

Ebony Black © more by Ebony Black

Published by Family Friend Poems July 2022 with permission of the Author.

When feelings lay buried, what can you do?
When the words are too hard and you can't talk it through
When the silence is easier than the thoughts in your mind
When you want to pack it all up and leave it behind.

What can you do, when the tears start to fall?
When life is too hard and and you can't take it all
When stress gets you down and nothing is right
When thoughts keep you up until dawn's first light.

What can you do, when a smile won't stay?
When the people you love seem to turn away
When the sun doesn't shine and the rains won't end
When all seems lost and there isn't a friend.

What can you do, when happiness won't last?
When your mind turns to events and things from the past
When you can only shrug and tell them you're fine
When you take a step back and draw your line.

What can you do, when you're numb inside?
When things get too rough and you just run and hide
When you push away the people who care
When all you need is to lay your soul bare.


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