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Story Of The Wind

This is a rhyming poem about the wind. I've used personification to show its building frustration.

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The Breeze

Ebony Black © more by Ebony Black

Published: December 21, 2021

The breeze that brushed across the grass
Sang a song of days long passed
Of mighty mountains and caves of gold
Of hidden secrets and tales of old

The gust that danced between the leaves
Accompanied the song of the twirling breeze
A louder chorus of distant lands
Of ancient ice and desert sands

The wind that wound through the trees
Whispered softly of far off seas
It sang its song and bade me follow 
Down past glens and through the hollow

The gale that beat against the glass
Had howled its way from the mountain pass
A frustrated cry of forgotten days
When Earth was cared for through many ways

The hurricane that raged upon the land
Roared in anger and made its stand
It howled a tirade of venomous words
Fighting forever just to be heard

The breeze that stumbled across the grass
Sighed a song of days long passed
An exhausted echo of what used to be
Of what the human race no longer sees


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