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    Poems by Gina Petersen

  • Brokenhearted Lover

    • Published: July 2016
    A Shattered Heart That Still Loves Him

    in Heartbreak Poems

    I loved you,
    But you broke my heart.
    I should have known
    That was your goal from the start.

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    I remember one person that I really like. Yes! I really like him, and I know he likes me so much. He always makes an effort for me. He always says that he will do everything for me. He always...

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  • Pretending

    • Published: July 2016
    Trying To Convince Myself A Break-Up Doesn't Hurt

    in Breaking Up Poems

    I'm tired of pretending
    Everything is okay,
    That it does not pain me
    When I hear your name.

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    Exactly how I feel. Trying to pretend it doesn't hurt. Well, it sure does.

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