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    Poems by Jackie

  • The Spring Of Nineteen Ninety Nine

    • Published: July 2009

    in Cancer Poems

    There were good times and bad,
    the good times were great and the bad times were sad.

    We would tell stories and play dress up with her jewelry, ...

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  • Meeting My New Grandma

    • Published: July 2009

    in Aging Poems

    That lady I met in the nursing home,
    she looked so much like Grandma.
    I thought it was her for a while,
    but then she turned around and wasn't wearing a smile....

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  • Loved Me

    • Published: July 2009
    Poem About Differences in Grandpas

    in Grandfather Poems

    My Grandpas were very different,
    but no matter how much they would disagree,
    they both always loved me.

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  • Just Like Him

    • Published: July 2009

    in Grandfather Poems

    He taught me how to build a fire;
    he gave me hope and desire.

    He taught me how to build a chair; ...

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    Beautiful poem. I love it. One of my favorites on this website.

  • If Only You Knew

    • Published: July 2009

    in STOP Suicide Poems

    I never told you because I thought you knew,
    but I am not sure that would change what you planned so long to do.

    I had a funny feeling something was wrong, ...

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    This is so sad. I can relate my uncle took his life. I had a feeling something was not right why I did not go and check on you God only knows. By the time I would arrive it would be done. To...

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