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    Poems by Kaylee

  • Trail Of Tears

    • Published: December 2018

    in War Poems

    They walked miles on foot,
    Losing loved ones on the way,
    Through grim, dirt and soot,
    Traveling night and all day.

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    This poem was a very nice poem. My ancestors traveled the Trail of Tears.

  • Love Hurts

    • Published: March 2016

    in Goodbye Love Poems

    I don't get how you can't see
    All the things you did to me.
    If only you knew
    All the pain you put me through.

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  • In Your Arms

    • Published: November 2018

    in Passionate Love Poems

    In your arms you hold me tight,
    Never letting go through the night.
    All my dreams are peaceful because of you,
    Holding me in your arms like you do.

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    I liked her from class 6 but never got the chance to tell her, but eventually I became very close to her. When I was in class 9, I had gathered the courage to say it to her, and fortunately,...

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  • Love Vs. Heartbreak

    • Published: March 2011

    in Hurting Poems

    Those moments when you unknowingly give your heart to the one you love.
    The feeling of butterflies in the very pit of your stomach when they ease into your mind.
    The smile which graces upon the world, reaching your eyes when they are near.
    The special glow you cast for all to see, which brightens with their gentle touch.

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    I fall in love without knowing that one day she will leave me back even without a word saying "I am leaving you behind". Now with me the only thing left is the sad and painful memories of my...

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