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Malike Seymenoglu

About Malike Seymenoglu

I am posting my poems on Family Friend Poems because in the midst of my suffering from my husband’s death, I turned to poetry to relieve myself from melancholy as well as emptiness.
After spending many sleepless nights reading poems on Family Friend Poems, I resonated powerfully with those who lost their loved ones. Their reflection on death helped me to come to terms with my beloved husband’s traumatic exit from this world. I stopped crying and started expressing my own feelings with mournful poems. I found poetic compositions can articulate pain with such an elegance, prose just cannot cut it.
Poems are usually filled with passion; it is always thought-provoking and can be interpreted in many different ways. Getting familiar with other people’s poetic thoughts can encourage you to alter your world view and more readily accept reality.
I cannot dance to save my life, but I am trying to enable my words to rock and roll on paper. Let poetry be my saviour.
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    Poems by Malike Seymenoglu

  • Reins Of Peace And War

    It is not possible to watch the long war between Russia and Ukraine with heedless eyes. Suddenly we are then confronted by a more brutal war between Hamas and Israel. Can't we sort out our differences through discussion? After all, language is humanity and the evidence of our intelligence. How can we carry on sweeping up our hearts and putting love away whenever a human life is taken with the excuse of war? We must leave the death to God. Let peace be upon us.

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    • Posted on 11/26/23

    in War Poems

    I never talked about God lightly,
    The divine monarch of the eternity;
    His reign abided from mud to the stars,
    With pretty rainbow to admire from afar.

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  • Death Is Not The End

    The enduring smile my husband left this world with is the image that constantly appears in my flashbacks. The house was eerily quiet then, yet when I revisit that earth-shattering moment of my life, I often hear Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata' piano piece playing in the background. The sad music gives my distraught heart an emotional ride, subsequently transporting me back to the present day. Death can't be stopped, but life does go on.

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    • Posted on 10/05/19

    in Husband Death Poems

    Death doesn't wander in randomly,
    The executor in a shroud;
    It acts without fear or favour,
    To instigate pain under dusky cloud.

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  • Life In Fairy Land

    • Published: August 2019

    in Poems for Kids

    As a small child I fancied to sail
    By ocean to a land of fairy tales,
    Camp in a field with Little Red Riding Hood.
    Dazzling stars would fire at the Big Bad Wolf.


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  • A Wife's Grief

    • Published: June 2019

    in Husband Death Poems

    If death is nothing at all,
    We will be enjoying summer and fall;
    We shall talk and laugh as we have always done,
    Instead of waiting for my time to come.


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