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Writing for the Summer Poetry Competition brought out the child within me with a sweet tooth, who has been screaming to come out. As a little girl, I did dream of running away to consume chocolate 24-hours a day. What I really wanted then was to have dessert as the first course for my meal, not after I already filled up from savouries. Today I finally managed to indulge in my dream on paper. Having my favourite fairy tale characters joining my sugary feast is just an added bonus.

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Life In Fairy Land

Malike Seymenoglu © more by Malike Seymenoglu

Published: August 2019

As a small child I fancied to sail
By ocean to a land of fairy tales,
Camp in a field with Little Red Riding Hood.
Dazzling stars would fire at the Big Bad Wolf.

Eat up fruits on bubblegum trees,
Free the Ugly Duckling from bullies;
Get all Three Little Pigs together,
Help them to live in the brick house forever.

I can't climb up Beanstalk for money,
Jack kindly says life in fairy land is free;
"Keep knocking on doors like Princess and the Pea.
Luckily, accommodation is guaranteed."

Milky Way dances as light fades.
Night drapes around Sleeping Beauty's place.
Over the sky I see the moon parades;
Pied Piper's music softly plays.

Quietly I have found Cinderella,
Royal palace is a place for pleasure;
Seeing Fairy Godmother and Prince,
Turning pumpkin into candy floss on string.

Unstoppable I would enjoy the sweets,
Vanilla ice cream and many more treats
While swimming with Little Mermaid in a chocolate pond.
Xylophone would be playing our favourite song.

You are right, my teeth will rot.
Zero chance for me to be slim and hot.


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