Husband Death Poem

Coping With Grief After Losing A Husband

On Boxing Day 2018, my husband died of bladder cancer. It gives me much pain to look back at his enormous suffering and untimely death, since by the time doctors realized he had cancer, it had already spread. We had been together for 31 years. I miss him so much. Instead of remembering those wonderful moments in our life, I kept seeing the deep sorrow displayed by my husband's eyes on his final days. I wrote this poem to cope with the grief of living without him.

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A Wife's Grief

Malike Seymenoglu © more by Malike Seymenoglu

Published by Family Friend Poems June 2019 with permission of the Author.

If death is nothing at all,
We will be enjoying summer and fall;
We shall talk and laugh as we have always done,
Instead of waiting for my time to come.

If you are in a better place,
With blue sky and beautiful lake,
You would be the brightest star after a thunder,
Instead of laid to rest six feet under.

If time will ease my pain,
I should have no tear when I hear your name;
My heart is still in a million pieces,
Instead of strolling down memory lane.

If only you can come back for one more day,
I long to see your smile and handsome face;
Please fill the house with your humor and laughter,
Instead of leaving me to survive in this empty gutter.

Now I know how short-lived happiness could be.
I miss the days you belonged to me;
Cherished memories of our love keeps you near.
The courage you instilled in me chases away my fear.



I am posting my poems on Family Friend Poems because in the midst of my suffering from my husband’s death, I turned to poetry to relieve myself from melancholy as well as emptiness.
After spending many sleepless nights reading poems on Family Friend Poems, I resonated powerfully with those who lost their loved ones. Their reflection on...

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