Martha Baltazar


About Martha Baltazar

Enjoyed poems for over 20 years.
Overthinker when writing. Dedicated a lot of time on my kids, in hopes to now dedicate more time on my passion.
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    Poems by Martha Baltazar

  • In My Mind And My Heart

    • Published: December 26, 2022

    in Grief Poems

    Forgive me if I cry
    But there is nothing else to do
    If only God could have warned me
    That my life would be without you


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  • Healing Within

    • Published: April 2019

    in In Memory Poems

    Happiness is my veil,
    Emptiness in my heart.
    Always carrying you within me,
    Like you never left my side.


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  • My First Child

    • Published: November 2008

    in Baby Death Poems

    Since the day you were in my tummy
    I knew I'd be a great mommy
    I'd love to feel every kick you gave
    How I wish I'd see you wave


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    Well ladies I am so sorry for every ones loss. 16 January 2014 is the day that will never get away from my head. Gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and he only lived for 2 hours i miss him so...

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  • Martha Baltazar, Phoenix, AZ
  • 14 years ago

I lost my first son six years ago and this poem help me realize that I too have a special unknown gifted child.

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