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  • Even If

    • Published: December 2016
    I Will Love You No Matter What

    in Love Forever Poems

    Even if things seem like they won't work out,
    I will never give up on you.
    Even if you become blind,
    I will act as your eyes that will light up your world.

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    Greater love hath no man than this,
    That he lay down his life for his friends
    John 15:13

    Beautifully written, and beautifully stated! A powerful testament to love; something this world...

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  • If Only...

    • Published: December 2016
    If You Knew How Much I Love You

    in I Love You Poems

    If only you knew what
    You mean to me.
    If only my heart could speak,
    Then it could tell you how much l love you.

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  • Mulungi J. Victor, Uganda
  • 10 months ago

Yes, there's much more to marriage. You just have to give it your all, trust, simplicity, compassion. Just be there for your loved one, listen to him, hold him up when he feels low, and be yourself. A perfect marriage isn't made up of perfect people but two imperfect beings who give it all.

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