Love Forever Poem

I Will Love You No Matter What

No matter what, l will always love you, and l will never leave. Until death do us part. l will be there.

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Even If


Published: December 16, 2016

Even if things seem like they won't work out,
I will never give up on you.
Even if you become blind,
I will act as your eyes that will light up your world.
Even if you become paralyzed,
I will be there to take care of you.
Even if you become deaf,
I will be there to listen for you.
Even if people say nasty things about you,
You are still the one l love.
Even if the world looks down on you,
I will always look up to you.
Even if you are taken to be a problem person,
I will always love you.
Even if a storm arises in our love,
I will stand firm for you.
Even if l don't have a single penny,
I will fight to provide for you.
Even if fate doesn't want us to be together,
I'm ready to dare fate.
Even if you're sick,
I will never turn away from you.
Even if you no longer love me,
I will always love you.
Even if l have a million reasons not to love you,
I have that one reason to stick.
I love you.
Come poverty, death, sickness, money
Or anything worse,
I will always love you.

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