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I am a mother of two grown sons, we are an extremely close family & extended family, like all families we have had many wonderful & blessed times through life and we have experienced heart ache as well, I raised my sons, to never make judgement upon another persons journey in this life and to be the best them that they can be , that is all we can really do in this life that is so short in comparison to the big scheme of history & time. Is to try, try and live simply and simply live with compassion & forgiveness in our hearts toward one another, being the best person you can be and always changing and growing along the way.

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    Poems by Patricia Cisco

  • Shore Of Sorrow's Sea

    • Published: August 3, 2019
    A Mother's Grief For Her Child

    in Grief Poems

    By the shore of Sorrow's sea,
    waves of tears roll endlessly,

    cries that pierce this misty veil,


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  • Glory Of Spring

    • Published: July 8, 2019
    Acrostic About The Beauty Of Spring

    in Spring Poems

    Song birds singing, flying by
    Pastel petals sprouting high
    Rainbows, showers fill the sky
    Inspiring beauty to the eye


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  • January's Child Of Mine

    • Published: January 24, 2019
    Son's Birthday In Heaven

    in Grief Poems

    January's child of mine,
    sweet miracle of God's design.

    Oh, how I can recall the night.


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  • "So Lucky Are The Angel's"

    • pending
    • Posted on 12/23/18
    Loss At Christmas Of Son, Christmas Grief

    in Christmas Poems

    Since you're gone Christmas time will never be the same,

    When asked for what I wish for I can only speak your name.

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  • Long, Long Summer Day

    • Published: September 1, 2018
    A Mother's Grief

    in Son Death Poems

    With angels on this summer day,
    you never woke; you slipped away.

    Now day just dims into the night.


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    Linda, You ask me how I go on, I wish I could tell you. I'm exactly where you are. I feel no peace in my son Chris's passing, Chris was long into recovery he was on a low dose antidepressant...

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  • Patricia Cisco
  • 2 months ago

Mary Ann, I am so very sorry for your loss of your precious little Jordan, and you are right, there are many of us feeling the deep sorrow of losing our child. I guess we all should be praying for one another for God to help each of us find peace and the faith to know without doubt we will be with our precious child again in Heaven. I will keep you in prayers. Surely your precious baby Jordan is safe in the hands of God and the Holy Angels. God bless you.

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  • Patricia Cisco
  • 3 months ago

Linda, I didn't have the space on my first reply message to tell you one thing I do since my son passed. I guess maybe more so for myself, I started to write to my son Chris every day, sometimes three times a day, if I feel the need to talk to him. I feel it's something even more personal then talking out loud, which I also do. I feel I'm actually making special time to sit and talk with him but in writing, letting him know I believe he exists yet and can read my letters. I know he would tell me I don't have to do that, but I want to, and I feel in constant communication with him. I tell him every little thing, every single day. I believe someday he will tell me when we reunite that he read many of my messages to him and even if he isn't reading my messages, I feel he is worth every word I write to him anyway because he lives within my soul and my love is within his soul. Maybe that sounds crazy, but not to me. I write to his FB messages every day, maybe try it. Take care, God bless.

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  • Patricia Cisco
  • 3 months ago

Linda, You ask me how I go on, I wish I could tell you. I'm exactly where you are. I feel no peace in my son Chris's passing, Chris was long into recovery he was on a low dose antidepressant doing well for three and half years, helping others find recovery in the community. Then he received from his doctor some blood work he was not feeling well. There was a problem, they re-did his test and it was even worse, he needed to see a cancer specialist. We made an appointment, he was upset but we didn't think he would go off his medication and he did. Then within a few weeks he reached out to the wrong person, in the middle of the night who delivered him a lethal dose of fentanyl. I found my son the next morning, needless to say we were not prepared for such tragedy, heart ache and sorrow. Chris was a great guy, a good son, a hard worker, loving brother, loved by so many, as I am sure your Matthew was. Some things have no answers.I love and miss him deeply, stay near to God, God Bless You

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  • Patricia Cisco
  • 3 months ago

It wasn't until I lost my son recently that I can understand this poem. My son's life and his untimely death has forever altered my soul and my existence. I always considered myself a spiritual person, a believer of God. I have gone through past grief and deep sorrow in my life. The loss of my precious son has brought me to the foot of the cross of God like no other loss I've suffered. Although all loss is sorrowful, there are those in our life that are extremely difficult to deal with. I now believe God put those precious, special souls purposely in our life to teach us and to help us. When they leave this world, those of us who've been touched by them are forever changed. Deep down we know they are so very different, so special, so great a soul, and through their existence in our life and their departure from our life, we are left to come face to face with the most intense feelings, thoughts, and emotions we realize we never would have encountered if not for their precious existence in our life in the first place.

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  • Patricia Cisco
  • 8 months ago

When I read this poem, there was no doubt how much love you hold inside for a child. There was also no doubt in my mind that this poem will be loved by all mothers everywhere. This is a very touching poem. I loved it. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.

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