Fall Poem

Beauty Of The Changing Season Into Autumn

My poem is about savoring the beauty and blessings in each and every day and the difference twenty-four little hours bring to each day, to each season. Twenty-four little hours can end one season and begin another, staying mindful to the slight, subtle changes as the seasons come, as they are, and as they go. As Autumn approaches and Summer leaves us, what a difference twenty-four little hours may bring.

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What A Difference A Day Makes

© more by Patricia L. Cisco

Published by Family Friend Poems September 2020 with permission of the Author.

What a difference a day makes,
twenty-four little hours.

Cool chill in the air,
slight frost on the flowers.

Through tattered fields of corn,
crows caw in the early morn.

Songs of crickets linger on
well into the tired dawn.

Sleepy sun wakes later each day,
sure sign Autumn's on his way.

Summer's gone; she couldn't stay.
Autumn has arrived today.

What a difference a day makes,
twenty-four little hours.

Radiant sun rising high,
scorching tree tops in the sky.

Replacing sweetness of Summer flowers,
turning trees into colorful towers.

Autumn's beauty is surely nigh,
beneath this warm September sky.

Nearing are crisp Autumn eves,
with harvest moons and chilly breeze.

Tomorrow what beauty might we see,
as gold and crimson leaves blow free,

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring,
savor every beautiful thing.
What a difference twenty-four hours may bring!



I am a mother of two grown sons, we are an extremely close family & extended family, like all families we have had many wonderful & blessed times through life and we have experienced heart ache as well, I raised my sons, to never make judgement upon another persons journey in this life and to be the best them that they can be , that is all we...

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