Son Death Poem

Loss Of My Beloved Son

On this journey of life, we try to live our dreams within reason. One of my dreams was to fall in love, get married, and have a family. When that dream came true, I felt blessed with my two precious sons. I felt there was nothing more I could wish for other than to keep my family safe and happy, healthy and together. What I never imagined is that our youngest son would go to Heaven before me. It's never the natural order to lose our children before us. Now I wait for Heaven, for my Chris.

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Waiting For Heaven

© more by Patricia L. Cisco

Published: November 30, 2020

Your very first breath of life, I was there.
Tiny miracle of God, you appeared,
overflowing with joy, my eyes cried a tear,
outstretching my arms to hold you so near.

You're part of me now, my heart and my soul,
more precious than pearls, diamonds and gold,
sweet baby of mine to love and to hold,
through my many years till I grow very old.

Filled with amazement as I watched you grow,
my child, my son, to the young man I'd know,
never believing one day you would go
to Heaven before me, "Please! Dear God, no!"

More treasured to me than air that I breathe.
No, you were to stay and someday I'd leave.
I don't want to stay here without you to grieve.
No, you were to stay and someday I'd leave!

I've no understanding why or how this can be,
my sweet son's in Heaven so soon before me.
Overflowing with sorrow, my eyes cry a tear,
outstretching my arms, though I can't see you here.

I know in my heart all the love that we share,
on my very last breath of life you'll be there,
with outstretched arms, I know you'll appear,
just waiting in Heaven to hold me so near.


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