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    Poems by Rachael Lebeter

  • Create Poetic Art

    Create Art From A Poem - Visual Poetry

    in Poetry Activities

    Living poems: How to make a visual representation of a poem

    Poems can create beautiful images in our minds. Wouldn’t you like to put those images onto paper? A great way to really enjoy poetry is to create a visual representation of a poem by making a painting, picture, video, slideshow, collage or other artwork that shows images from the poem and captures how it makes you feel.

    Here are some ideas for creating a visual representation of a poem. You could use these ideas for a group project with your family and friends, or to create a decoration for your home. You could even use them to create a poetry project for the children you know!

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  • Practice Poetic Gift Giving

    Give A Poem As A Gift To Friends And Family

    in Poetry Activities

    Give a poem as a gift

    Homemade gifts always make you feel extra special because someone has put time and effort into personalizing a present just for you. Have you ever thought about giving a poem as a gift?

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  • 8 Ways To Participate In Poem In Your Pocket Day

    in Poetry Activities

    8 ways to celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day

    Poem In Your Pocket Day is one day every year towards the end of National Poetry Month in April. It is a day that allows us to celebrate poems and to build a sense of community by sharing the powerful words of poets from all over the world.

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  • How To Teach Poetry To Kids With Games And Fun Poems

    Teaching Children About Reading, Writing And Enjoying Poetry

    in Teaching Poetry

    How To Introduce Poetry to Kids

    We know that it is beneficial to read poetry wit...

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  • Nature And The Romantic Poets

    in How To Write Poetry

    Do you ever notice how beautiful nature is? The different seasons, winter turning to spring, or spring to s...

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