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    Poems by Ralph Quinonez

  • God's Grace

    • Published: April 11, 2019
    Grace Acrostic Poem

    in Religious Poems

    G-is for the Gift that God has given to us.
    R-is for the Righteousness he gave to guide us.
    A-is for the Almighty God we love to serve.
    C-is for the Cross he was on that set us free.


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  • Dealing With Addiction

    • pending
    • Posted on 12/07/18
    Dealing With A Strong Addiction

    in Life Lesson Poems

    I was flirting with an affliction,
    And thought I would be ok.
    I was looking for instant pleasure,
    But the road was long and quite a way.

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  • The Meaning Of Christmas

    • pending
    • Posted on 12/07/18
    The Reason For The Season

    in Christmas Poems

    Don't be afraid. I'm here to announce a great and joyful event for everybody worldwide:
    "A savior has just been born in the city of David, a Savior who is Christ the Lord." Luke:2:8

    Some people want to take Merry Christmas out of this season and use Happy Holidays so we don't offend anyone.

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  • My Love Is Gone

    • Published: February 2, 2019
    I No Longer Feel Whole

    in Heartbreak Poems

    Lord, hear my prayer oh so dear.
    My heart is aching; my mind isn't clear.
    My love has left me; it hurts my soul.
    Without that love, I don't feel whole.


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    I know how you feel. My boyfriend left me last summer. Today would have been our anniversary. I feel so empty without him. I tried dating again, but he's always on my mind. I loved him, I...

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  • Time To Go Home

    • pending
    • Posted on 12/06/18
    This Poem Is About Our Lives Being So Short.

    in Family Death Poems

    Time to go home
    It was his time to leave us,
    His time to go home.
    No one can understand why,

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  • Ralph Quinonez
  • 2 years ago

I am glad this poem moved your boyfriend. When I write poetry, it is through God that I get my inspiration. Ralph Quinonez

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