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    Poems by Sarah

  • Burry Me Deep In The Ground

    i wrote this after i broke up with my boyfriend, i was really upset and didn't really know what to do. all i wanted to do was burry myself in a hole.

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    • Posted on 10/15/10

    in Dying Poems

    burry me deep in the ground,
    cover me so i can''t get out,
    sing to me songs from your past,
    and mark me as a stone on a map....

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  • Why Don't You Love Me?

    • Published: November 2011

    in Abortion Poems

    Mommy, Mommy, don't let me go.
    I wanna see the world
    and know everything you know.
    I wanna see the world

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    You are more courageous than I would have been in your case. You did awesome offering love to your child. I suffered abuse as well. I was drugged, and I did not know what was being done to...

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  • Your Happy Place

    i wrote this when i was feeling really down. luckily im over it now, but life can be really tough sometimes.

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    • Posted on 03/26/10

    in STOP Suicide Poems

    Spoiled and wet, start rotting away,
    finger pulls the trigger of a misused hand grenade.
    starving and tired, you lift your right hand.
    your eyes were sealed, your lungs buried in sand....

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  • Death Isn't The End

    Suicide is never the answer. Death isn't the end.

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    • Posted on 03/08/10

    in STOP Suicide Poems

    A knotted rope,
    a plastic knife.
    I lost my balance,
    i lost my life....

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  • State Of Mind

    • Published: March 2011

    in Depression Poems by Teens

    Depression is a state of mind
    but remember my dear
    it is a crime
    to cut the throat of a beloved soul

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    I once had a online friend who was very suicidal. He hated life and stuff. It was super hard for me to cope around him. I fell in love with him...why? What was there to love? But I did...

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  • Sarah
  • 13 years ago

so, this really touched me. no I'm not gay, but my brother is. and so is my best friend. and it makes me angry when people find it necessary to put you down, especially when my dad does it. its not anyone's place to judge you, and you made that really clear. I absolutely love it.

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