Abortion Poems

Abortion Poems

Poems about Abortion

Viewing abortion as a simple, convenient procedure is misguided. Mothers who have chosen to abort often face feelings of sorrow, shame, and guilt. The body will physically heal after an abortion given time, but the psychological scars left behind may never fade. Many women feel anger for having aborted a child they were told did not yet exist as a person. While the acute grief that often follows abortion may be difficult to cope with, expressing such feelings through writing or to an intimate friend can help. Although the decision to abort is irreversible, forgiveness and a measure of peace can be found.

24 Sad Poems on Grieving with Abortion Pain

  1. 1. The Gift Of Life

    • By Marni Fults
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2009

    As a post abortive woman, I realize that the shame of my abortion kept me from revealing to others how an abortion really affected my life. It is our fear of admitting what we have done that separates us from God. If more women would come forward, we could reveal the truth about abortion and the lifelong pain it causes.

    I received a gift from a stranger,
    A stranger I did not know.
    I had heard his name before,
    But just in passing, so I let it go.

    I did not think it was a gift,
    But rather a terrible burden.
    They said it was nothing I wanted.
    Of this they were certain.

    I was told it was something bad
    And more than I could bear.
    No one mentioned it was precious.
    It was as if they didn't care.

    I sent the gift back to the stranger,
    Where it came from up above.
    If only I had met him sooner,
    I would have seen the gift was made with love.

    Instead, I treated the gift like it was nothing.
    I quickly sent it back.
    They told me I did the right thing,
    But they left out an important fact.

    See, the gift was made just for me by a stranger,
    And God was his name.
    I had never even noticed him,
    Yet he loved me just the same.

    He had created that precious gift.
    Each piece he made by hand to my surprise,
    And yet I didn't even see it.
    My life was based on lies.

    When I found out what the gift contained
    And realized I had thrown it away,
    I believed I would always suffer
    And be punished every day.

    But to my disbelief, that stranger,
    Who I had ignored and turned away,
    Created three more gifts for me
    And sent them all my way.

    I begged for his forgiveness.
    I prayed and felt his love.
    I wondered what had become of the first gift
    Sent from above.

    I later learned the gift would remain
    With our loving God and then
    I would meet my baby in heaven
    And receive the gift again.

    I have no fear that I will not know
    Which gift was meant for me.
    So many have been thrown away,
    But mine I will surely see.

    For I have dreamed of my little boy
    Whose eyes were big and bright.
    I will run right over to him,
    And know him at first sight.

    I will say, "Mommy loves you!"
    I know that is how I'll start.
    Then I will thank God for taking care of my baby
    While we were so far apart.

    If I could just help one person
    See their gift contains such love
    And that the life inside that little gift
    Came from God above,

    It would honor my precious baby,
    Whose life was lost to a lie.
    It would stop the suffering of another child
    And a mother who would otherwise be too scared to try.

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    I am so sorry that you're sad. I can hear it in your words. The pain you feel is valid and very real. You're so brave to express it. I'm praying for you right now. God is not mad at...

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  3. 2. Don't Forget That I Was Here

    • By Sophie R.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2014

    After my abortion earlier this year, I found it hard to come to terms with my feelings of doubt and regret. I decided to write this poem from the perspective of my unborn baby. I find a lot of comfort in this poem, as I know I will meet my tiny baby one day; this is not the end.

    Poem From Perspective Of My Unborn Baby

    I know that I can't stay here,
    but don't be sad for me.
    I'm at peace with this decision;
    I just wish that you could see.

    Treasure moments while I'm gone.
    Don't be sad that I am leaving.
    We'll be together one day.
    Till then, just keep believing.

    I know days go so slowly,
    But understand it's not the end.
    You know I'm watching over you,
    You feel the comfort that I send.

    Don't forget that I was here;
    You'll never be alone.
    The time will come eventually,
    And then I will come home.

    I hope you find your happiness.
    As days go by, you'll see,
    Remember, though we've said goodbye,
    It's not the end for me.

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    I was 16 when I got pregnant. My stupid decisions led to this, and I won't ever be able to forgive myself. I wouldn't be able to give them the life they deserved, so at 8 weeks I aborted...

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  5. 3. The Baby Must Be

    I was asked to write this poem by a friend whose niece was distraught because she was pregnant and was addicted to drugs. She felt because of the drugs it was best to have an abortion. Her uncle showed her this poem and told her it was not too late to stop using the drugs. He also promised that the family would be there for her. The girl decided to quit drugs and have the baby. I know the baby was born healthy, but I do not know how they are doing today as a result of losing contact with her uncle.

    The baby's conceived,
    Without being planned.
    A night of passion,
    With an unknown man.

    The girl is distraught,
    The man is long gone.
    The intimate moment,
    Does not linger on.

    The girl is confused,
    Knows not what to do.
    The friends that she has,
    Are precious and few.

    The girl's family
    Will shun her for sure.
    If she tells the truth,
    They'll love her no more.

    The thoughts in her head,
    Ungodly at best.
    "I can't have this child,
    My life is a mess.

    The drugs that I'm on,
    Have taken their toll.
    They rule my body,
    My mind and my soul."

    The answer's simple,
    It'll just take one day.
    She'll have The Clinic
    Sweep the baby away.

    The Lord in her heart,
    Says, "Please trust in me."
    And deep down inside,
    She knows the baby must be.

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    This story really touched me as that night of passion left me with twins and my family forced me to have an abortion, I didn't want to upset them so T went along with it. Even now I think of...

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  6. 4. Remorse Is Forever

    I am a married mother of 3. Together my husband and I made a decision to terminate our pregnancy. The choice we made on that one day has caused pain and heartache to the two of us and our children for 3 years now. Unfortunately in life, there are some things you can never change. I just hope I can forgive myself and my story can be a wake up call to someone else.

    I can't believe I took your life.
    I know now and I knew then, I had no right.
    It was a selfish choice that I made.
    I chose myself when your life I could have saved.
    I thought it would be easier to terminate,
    But I still feel the remorse 3 years to the date.
    You were one of heaven's angels that GOD lent to me.
    And I took your life; could GOD forgive me?
    I was lost and confused and didn't know what to do.
    So I selfishly chose me, when I should have chosen you.
    I regret that I will never see your face
    or comfort you with a motherly embrace.
    That decision has put a strain on our marriage.
    I believe what we did was the cause of our recent miscarriage.
    I hope GOD can forgive us and that you can too.
    To bring you back, there is nothing I wouldn't do.
    Live on, my love, I will see you at the gate.
    To hold, love and kiss you; Mommy just can't wait.
    I'm sorry I've stolen an angel away.
    I will feel remorse FOREVER because of that day.

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    I was 21 when I fell pregnant and I didn't know what to do. I wasn't in a relationship; he was a boy I worked with, and he was horrible from the moment he found out I was pregnant. I wanted...

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  7. 5. The Funeral

    • By KTB
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 16, 2022

    One year ago, I had an unplanned pregnancy. I was 30 years old, in a new relationship, in between apartments, financially unsteady... in no position to have a child. I never thought I wanted kids, but everything changed when I saw the test result. I wanted so badly to keep my baby - to name them, hold them, make them laugh. Sadly, I couldn't. Terminating my pregnancy was devastating, so I channeled my grief into poetry. I wrote this for the baby I lost and guardian angel I gained.

    Grief After Abortion

    This year on Independence Day,
    I had to set you free.
    What should have been a miracle,
    Morphed into tragedy.

    I wish I said, "I love you."
    Crazy, but it's true.
    I wonder if you'd look like us;
    Would your eyes be brown or blue?

    I've pictured you wrapped in my arms,
    As I hum a lullaby.
    I'd give anything to see you laugh,
    Or even hear you cry.

    I pray that you'll forgive me,
    But I understand if not.
    Although your soul's in heaven now,
    You'll live forever in my heart.

    Rest in peace, my tiny angel.
    I swear you'll always be
    A shooting star, a ray of light
    In our lonely galaxy.

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  8. 6. To My Little Baby

    • By Ryan
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009

    My ex-girlfriend decided to have an abortion. I did not want this to happen, so I wrote a poem to express my feelings, to say sorry and to tell my baby that I care.

    Poem From A Father Regretting Abortion

    It's so hard for me to try and find that right words to say.
    I'm sorry we never got the chance to meet,
    the chance to see your tiny body and hold your tiny feet.

    I have an image of you in my mind,
    your gorgeous smile,
    your beautiful eyes,
    a picture,
    an image,
    something I'll never let go.

    Every Christmas,
    every birthday,
    I'll do nothing but wish you were here,
    right by my side.

    A boy or a girl, I'll never know,
    this love I have for you,
    I'll never be able to show.

    You'll always be Daddy's special one and Mummy's, too,
    and we want you to know we'll always love you.

    I wrote you this poem to show I care,
    this pain,
    this hurt I cannot bear.

    It's time to sleep now. my little baby.
    One day,
    I'll be able to hold you tight and give you that proper kiss goodnight.

    Goodnight Sweetheart
    Love you always

    Mummy and Daddy
    xx xx

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    Many women regret having abortions and no one else knows their pain but having an abortion does not mean you will be a junkie, get fired for stealing or will not finish school. That's like...

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  9. 7. My Unborn Love

    • By Dimplez
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2011

    I wanted to keep my baby, but I know I couldn't. I'm 19 years old with a very strict Hispanic family. I cried days before my termination and days after. I was 10 weeks. Just before my termination I saw my baby on the ultrasound just moving away..looking happy. It was very hard. And a life lesson truly learned.

    The day I found out about you
    I didn't know what to do.
    I broke down and cried
    Because I knew I couldn't have you.

    I went home that night
    More scared than ever.
    I fell asleep holding onto you
    And you made me feel better.

    I woke up the next morning
    Saying good morning to you.
    I ate a full breakfast
    So that you can be full too.

    During the weeks I kept you protected,
    Kept you warm and safe from the unexpected.
    As I laid holding my belly, looking at the moon,
    I realized, my baby, that I have fallen in love with you.

    My son, my daughter, my unborn love,
    You are a gift sent to me and daddy from above.
    I have learned a love like no other
    And that's the love between a child and mother.

    Baby, tonight is my last night with you.
    Tomorrow you will be with someone new.
    His name is GOD and he is expecting you.
    To my unborn child who I will never get to meet,
    I hope when you're in heaven
    You will forgive daddy and me.

    I love you and I'm sorry.

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    I was 16 years when I found out I was pregnant but sadly my boyfriend couldn't stand it. He forced me to get an abortion. He made it clear to me that if I continued with the pregnancy he...

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  10. 8. For My Child

    • By Ryan
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011

    I was 18 when I did it. I was going to take responsibility for my child, but I let my boyfriend's family talk me into it. I am not proud of myself, but please it's hard enough to not judge myself, so please no one judge me...

    Letter From Mother To Aborted Fetus

    For my child:
    The fact I was eighteen was not the reason
    Your father and I went through our seasons
    He came to the conclusion a little to soon
    that he did not want to see what we went through
    The torment inside I feel every day is almost to much to bear
    knowing I'll never be able to caress your hair
    I'll never be able to hold you
    never hear you say my name
    All in all no one feels my shame
    I felt you move inside me
    even though everyone said it was too soon
    my little baby was to me like the moon
    A ray of light to guide my way
    I wanted the world for you to stay
    I let people talk me into something I didn't want to do
    He was not there to see what I went through
    I almost walked out and I should have
    My own selfish reasons propelled me to stay
    As I had my child ripped away
    I cry for you every day
    but somehow I make it through
    knowing one day I will meet you
    And wishing it never would have came to this
    Just know in my heart you are missed


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    Nobody should judge you. They don't have that right. I am a conservative, right wing, prolife individual, but when I was young I had an abortion, too. I felt instant regret. I talk to my...

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  11. 9. Cry Of An Unborn Child

    To be honest, I have always felt strongly against abortion. This poem represents the voice of an unborn child pleading for its life.

    Letter To Mommy From The Womb

    For My Mommy (the cry of an unborn child)

    Hello Mommy, this is me, your baby-
    I'm just a tiny someone,
    Floating in your tummy, feeling snug and warm.
    When God made me, He gave me a soul
    And sent a special angel to look after me
    And an angel to look after you, too.

    I'm growing a little bit every day,
    And soon I'll get my own fingers and toes.
    Once my ears have developed properly,
    I'll be able to hear the sound of your voice.
    Please Mommy, don't let them hurt me-
    I'll do my very best to be good.
    I just want a chance to live my life and be someone special in yours.

    I'll make you breakfast on Mother's Day
    And draw pictures, made especially for you.
    I'll sing loudly in my first school concert
    And try my hardest at everything I do.
    There might be days when I'm a bit naughty
    And make you scream and shout,
    But I'll also give you plenty of hugs and kisses
    To cheer you up when you're sad.

    Oh Mommy please, just give me a chance...
    We don't need to live in a big fancy house,
    And I don't need a room filled with toys.
    All I ask of you is your love and a chance to love you back.
    I want to be able to call you "Mom," and hear you say I'm yours.

    I long to feel the grass tickle my toes
    And the warmth of the sun on my back.
    I want to experience the excitement of my first day at school
    And the joy of playing with my friends.
    Don't listen to the voices saying it'll be easier when I'm gone.
    God chose YOU to be my mommy,
    And He chose me to teach you about LOVE!

    So please mommy, don't let me down.
    I know God and His angels will help.
    Be strong for me... hold on to me...
    You'll be grateful in eternity!

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    I loved this poem so much, it made me cry. I am totally against abortion. No baby should be murdered by its mother. It is sad to see children God has made being murdered. If you can't take...

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  12. 10. My Almost Mother

    • By Whitni Brandle
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

    I feel very strongly about abortion and read about and know about a lot of people that have had abortions. To me it is murder and killing a soul before it has a chance. God creates these souls inside a mother's body so they can be born, not murdered. I hope you enjoy this poem, it's the deepest I have.

    You steal my life,
    I have no chance,
    I want to live,
    And find life's romance.

    You strike me down,
    Do you have no soul?
    I thought you would love me,
    'Cause I love you so.

    I call you mother,
    And father too,
    But you kill me,
    And it doesn't bother you.

    Do you wonder what I would be,
    Do you wonder what I am,
    I wanted to be a football player,
    To be your little man.

    My birthday was yesterday,
    The one you got to miss,
    But I'm up in Heaven,
    With all of death's gifts.

    God loves me,
    I hope you love me too,
    But it doesn't look like it,
    Since I'm not there with you.

    I hope you know I love you,
    I love you very much,
    But I wish you could hear my voice,
    And feel my baby touch.

    My heart started to beat,
    When you killed me in cold blood,
    My ears started to hear your voice,
    It was a warming flood.

    You felt me kick,
    You never heard me talk,
    How can you be so heartless,
    To not want to see your baby walk.

    I'll never have a kid myself,
    Nor will my sister have a brother,
    I would have protected her,
    But you never protected me...

    Goodbye now and forever...
    My Almost Mother.

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    That's not true. There is ALWAYS an option! There is adoption and many adoptive couples help pay for expenses of having a baby! So many women will never be able to produce their own life and...

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  13. 11. To My Beautiful Angel

    • By Sasha
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2016

    This poem goes out to my precious baby whom I have let go. You will always remain in my heart. I'm so sorry! I wish every day I could wake up and still have you with me.

    A Regret I Wish I Could Undo

    Hello baby, my precious love of mine.
    I apologize for the thing we'll never have together: TIME.
    Twenty-one when I found out about you.
    Your father and I didn't know what to do.
    We thought things way too quickly
    And chose the easy way out.
    Within a few days you were on a new route,
    To heaven that is.

    I'm sorry I chose my education over you.
    Three years left,
    And I didn't think I could handle you too.
    But now I wish I would have given it all up for you.

    I will never get to hold you in my arms or watch you grow.
    My heart is broken, full of regret and sorrow.
    I know now what it's like to be fully broken.
    I know my heart will never fully repair,
    Because all I can wish
    Is to be able to run my fingers through your hair.

    I talk to you every morning and every night,
    Telling you how much I love you
    And wish to hold you tight.
    It is not enough,
    But there's nothing else I can do.
    I am sorry, my love, for what I put you through!

    I do not ask for your forgiveness,
    Because it's something I do not deserve.
    I did something so intolerable and un-superb.
    All I want you to know is that every day
    I wish I could return and not have you diminished
    And not have the doctor tell me that the job is finished.

    I love you so much, and I'm sure your daddy does too.
    You would have been so beautiful and perfect,
    No bad genes or any type of defect.
    I wish to dream of your full face complexion.
    If I could choose anything now,
    You'd win that election.

    I wished so hard
    That the procedure had miraculously failed.
    That would have been only in a perfect tale.
    I daydream of how it would be in my other life,
    You know, having you and holding you tight,
    Staring into your beautiful eyes,
    And hearing your cry as the sun's about to rise.

    But now I must accept what I have done
    And face the fact that you are forever gone.
    Although you are not on this earth,
    You truly have so much worth,
    So in my heart you'll remain eternally.
    Always and forever, I love you so much, baby.

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  14. 12. Unheard Voice

    • By Littin Thomas Modoor
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009

    There are people who do not care about this topic. For a moment of fun between a boy and girl often ends in the serious topic of abortion. Mostly, the innocent child in mother's womb becomes the victim or prey. I hope this poem will change many mother's and father's mind so that the innocent unheard voice will get a chance to live.
    !!Please don't give your child the name of abortion. !!

    Nine months are slowly getting close,
    I am surrounded by the blanket of yours;
    Slowly I am growing in your womb,
    Please don't send me to the tomb;
    Oh mother, can't you hear my voice?
    Don't you have another choice?

    Aren't you happy? You can see me soon,
    I am excited to see the world of sun and moon;
    In your womb, I am counting days,
    To show you mother, my little gaze;
    Oh mother, can't you hear my voice?
    Don't you have another choice?

    Mother, I am excited for my first toy,
    I promise I will become your joy;
    Please don't feel me as a burden,
    Whatever you decide cannot be undone;
    Oh mother, can't you hear my voice?
    Don't you have another choice?

    I know you are waiting to see me play,
    More than you I am excited to see that day;
    Oh mother, won't you start my life story,
    Please don't make my life a history;
    Oh mother, can't you hear my voice?
    Don't you have another choice?

    I am excited to play in your lap,
    With my deeds, I will make you clap;
    Oh mother, give me a chance to live,
    Even if you don't, I will forgive;
    Oh mother, my life is now a question,
    Please don't give it name of abortion.

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    Please have your baby. Like you say, it could be your only chance. If you can't raise him, there are many wonderful people that would love to adopt him. Believe me, you will mourn this child...

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  15. 13. Right Of Life

    • By Ashley
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011

    This poem was inspired by the many stories surrounding each of us. It is written from a child's point of view and addresses the greatly debated topic of Abortion.

    Unborn Baby To Mother

    Taken away because of the fear of responsibility,
    Taken away and denied opportunity
    Taken away so I could not be.
    Oh, mama, didn't you love me?

    Taken away after a life so short,
    Taken away and pushed to abort
    Taken away so I could not be.
    Oh, mama, didn't you love me?
    Couldn't you see that I too, had the same right to opportunity?

    I began to grow inside you,
    I know you were scared,
    But mama,
    I was too.

    Taken away because of your fear of society,
    Taken away because it was against your sense of propriety
    Taken away so I could not be.
    Oh, mama, didn't you love me?

    Taken away and denied my life,
    Taken away in such a strife
    Taken away so I could not be.
    Oh, mama, didn't you love me?

    You see, mama,
    A life so short is not a life,
    A life so short was taken without a possible fight
    A life so short ended with no right.
    That was my life.

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    very touching... If only everyone could read this because, just maybe it could change the mind of that one person who is considering to let their baby go.

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  16. 14. What Could Have Been?

    • By Jessica
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011

    I wrote this poem for women out there who think that abortions are ok. I have had friends take abortions as the right answer, but they are wrong. You never know what your baby has in store, you should allow it to live its life instead of taken the easy way out.

    She could have had my eyes,
    his cute button nose.
    But I took the easy way out,
    now sadly no one knows.

    He could have played sports,
    maybe been best on the team.
    But I took his life so quickly,
    he didn't even have a dream.

    I could have been a great mother,
    so much love and a lot of care.
    But I killed my baby,
    now I hold grief that I can not bear.

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  17. 15. Dear Baby Unborn

    • By Lotty B.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014

    I fell pregnant when I was 18. I was at University and didn't know what to do for the best. It wasn't an easy decision to make--in fact, it was the hardest one that I have ever made, and I regret it every single day. I've never been through so much pain. I didn't think that I would be able to carry on, but I found the strength because I keep telling myself that I live for my baby now. R.I.P angel.

    Poem About Giving Up A Baby

    Dear baby unborn,
    You came out of the blue.
    I took a pregnancy test,
    And then I knew,

    My world turned upside down.
    Inside I could feel you;
    It made me smile,
    But part of me knew I couldn't keep you.

    You became my world.
    I would talk to you hour on hour.
    I grew to love you.
    I wished the decision was out of my power.

    See, I wanted to be your mum,
    I wanted to keep you safe,
    I wanted to hold you close,
    I wanted to be the one you depended on.
    For a second I thought I could do it.
    I thought I could be the one,
    I thought I was ready for it,
    But in just two days you were gone.

    You see, mummy loved you
    With every part of her heart,
    But Mummy knew that we were better off apart
    Because Mummy couldn't give you the life that you deserved.

    There isn't a single day
    Where Mummy doesn't wish that she could reach up
    And grab you back down to earth,
    Place you safely back in Mummy's tummy,
    And show you how much you're worth.

    Smiling is hard without you.
    I grieve for you every day,
    But this was my decision,
    I chose to let you fly away,

    Fly away with the angels,
    And look down on me from up above.
    Understand my decision, baby,
    Wasn't done through a lack of love.

    I loved all that you were, with every part of me.
    That will never change,
    You will always be my first,
    My baby unborn at 65 days.

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    Dear hole in my heart,

    A beautiful heartbeat, I wish to see you smile. Every day I wonder if you felt a thing. I try to hang on to what people say, that you were too small to feel any...

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  18. 16. My Sweet Wonderful Child

    I wrote this poem after I became a Christian and felt that I had to deal with an abortion that I had as a teenager.

    Poem About Regretting Abortion

    My sweet, wonderful child

    What color were your hair and eyes?
    How soft was your face?
    I think that you're the best there is
    I'm sure you think I'm a disgrace.

    Would you have loved like your grandma?
    Caring, Selfless, not like me?
    Would you have been a happy child?
    Would science have been your hobby?

    I don't have words to tell you how sorry I am
    And how I wish I could change what I did
    At the time I didn't know the ramifications
    At the time I was just a kid.

    I have never felt so sorry and helpless
    Regret is all I feel
    I can't put you back together
    And allow you to heal.

    What were you doing in me
    When your last heartbeat came?
    You were 100% dependent on me
    And I put out your flame.

    If I could trade places with you
    I would do it in a second
    But at this point you might be lucky one
    Because with God you are present.

    I will never be able to think of you
    Without sorrow in my heart
    But deep down inside
    We have never been apart.

    Jesus Christ has shown me
    That even though what I did wasn't right
    I can still receive forgiveness
    And end my innermost fight

    I don't know if you will ever forgive me
    All I can do is wait and see
    For the moment that my Earthly life ends
    And you will finally see me

    Are you going to approach me with gladness?
    Or will hate be in your heart?
    I would not blame you
    If you had no forgiveness to impart

    I hope that since God has forgiven me
    You can do it, too
    Forgiving myself as been tough, as well
    The toughest thing I ever did do.

    I look forward to the day
    When Jesus and my family will be together
    We will laugh and sing and jump for joy
    Because we will all be in heaven

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    Christina I feel the same way. This anger and bitterness that resides within me hasn't gone away. I'm doing a bible study called forgiven and set free that is truly helping me. I pray and...

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  19. 17. Letter To My Unborn Baby

    • By Stephen M.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2013

    I met my girlfriend at a young age, I was 23 and she was 19. For two year we dated and had the typical young person relationship filled with drama. At about a year and four months in the relationship I got the call that no one ever expects. She was pregnant, I'm not going to get into any details for her sake because while she looks at me and tells me she doesn't want me, I still care for her. I've never written a poem before but for once in my life I wanted to express my heart.

    From A Father

    To my unborn baby,

    Selfishness cannot even explain,
    The emotion that turned into pain.
    Mommy and I were just not ready,
    Especially with our relationship so unsteady.

    My unborn baby please forgive me,
    For now I'm beginning to see.
    Hiding from the pain of my decision,
    Only puts me into depression.

    I tried to be strong for mommy,
    It's not your fault,
    Her and I were not meant to be.
    You are my greatest achievement I'll never get to see.

    Boy or girl it doesn't matter, I love you just the same,
    It happened so fast you were never given a name.
    For all I have to remember you by is my heart and the gift I gave your mommy for Mother's Day,
    Just know the thought of you will never go away.

    Your eyes that will never see,
    Your heart that will never beat.
    You will always be a part of me,
    From your head down to your feet.

    For the tears you will never get to cry,
    Worry not my little one.
    I've shed enough tears for you and I,
    For what I did to you cannot be undone.

    Please forgive me my unborn child,
    For I cannot forgive myself.
    I've learned from this and trust me beautiful,
    I will never repeat this mistake.

    Rest your little head my child,
    Watch over me and mommy from heaven.
    For though our relationship got a little wild,
    Know you will never be forgotten.

    I can't wait for the day when we finally meet,
    And I can see you stand on your own two feet.
    I'll dream of what your first words will be,
    Before you speak them please wait for me.

    I have to go now but know I'll talk to you every night,
    For now my unborn baby,
    Please sleep tight.

    To my unborn baby,
    I'll love you forever.

    Your father.

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  20. 18. You Were Inside Me

    • By Shirley Daley
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    This poem is for any woman who lives with the regret of having an abortion.

    You were inside me but only for a while.
    Only in my dreams do I embrace your smile.

    In my thoughts I see you, my bleeding heart is torn
    for my darling little baby who would never be born.

    Though my arms ache to hold you, my grief so hard to bear.
    The pain you must have felt that day, my pain cannot compare.

    If I could live my life again, there would be one less regret.
    The day I took my baby's life, the day I can't forget.

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    We always have a choice so to tell that someone made you to do this is silly!!!!!

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  21. 19. To My Angel

    • By Tracy
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011

    I'm a 27 yr old mother of two beautiful girls, my partner and I struggle financially and when we found we were pregnant we were caught completely by surprise as we were using contraception, we had not planned on having any more children.
    It wasn't my Babies fault, it was a bigger plan for us and I failed. I would do anything to change what I have done, now my girls will never know their brother or sister that would have been.
    I will have to live with the decision for the rest of my life.

    To my angel in the sky
    because of me you had to die
    I was weak and selfish and now it's too late
    It wasn't my choice to decide your fate
    Now I will never see your beautiful face
    and never hold you in my loving embrace
    I'm so sorry, I know it was so wrong
    You would be so beautiful, healthy and strong
    You were a gift that I chose to throw away
    and I'll never forgive myself for that day
    I love you so much and I'm filled with regret
    August 12 I will never forget
    One day I will meet you and hold you so tight
    until then my darling
    I Love you, sleep tight

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  22. 20. A Father's Pain

    • By Billy L. Anstey
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    In 1967, as a young soldier, I had just gotten engaged to a very beautiful and wonderful young lady. I knew our love was written in stone forever. She attended college, while I left to serve my country overseas. We had planned to get married upon my return. While overseas, I received the old "DEAR JOHN" letter. Forty years later my previous suspicions were confirmed by more than one mutual friend we both knew. That she had aborted my child. This poem has helped me deal with extreme depression.

    She aborted our unborn with a heart of hate
    She stole two souls and could not wait
    The love of a child was waiting to be born
    As the soul of a Father could only mourn

    Final revelation explained the pain
    For what was missing, I couldn't explain
    Her darkest secret was kept from me
    For Forty years I did not see

    The cry of my baby haunting my mind
    The dreaming hurt and pain intertwined
    In the dark of night till early dawn
    It's echo's in the day, made me withdrawn

    A maddening sound of a babies cry
    Is loudly heard across the ocean and sky
    Even across time, did not end the cry
    I could only pray as I looked in the sky

    It was not the sound of a baby of glee
    Where are you Daddy, In my time of need?
    For Daddy I need you, here for me
    To stop Mom's hate, for her love I need

    I could hear in my dreams, Oh Daddy Why?
    Make them stop, you can only try
    I know you love me, but please don't cry
    Only Mom knows the reason why

    Please tell Mommy, I Love her so
    I feel the pain, in the heart of my soul
    Daddy should know, but was never told
    Your worry is over, God take my soul

    Daddy I know you would raise me well
    Mommy wouldn't have me or Love me still
    For she had dreams but not the will
    To include us both in her life of thrills

    Daddy don't worry, for God will know
    Your Hugs and smiles will always flow
    I'm sorry Mommy for offending you
    For your smiling face I'll never see Glow

    God sent me to you as a gift from above
    To make your lives, fulfilled with Love
    But now I'm an Angel and I will wait
    To hear Gods decision on your fate

    As I forgive you, he will too
    For all I want is your Loving touch
    To be with You and Daddy too
    To see your Glow and feel your touch

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    To Diane, Sorry it took me so long to respond. Your post just recently showed up on my poem response. First I want to thank you for your kind comment. But mainly I want to thank you for...

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