Poems about Teen Life

Poems about Teen Life

Teen Wisdom: Poems on Life, Courage, and Change

The adolescent years are turbulent and unsettled. Poems by teens can be so dark that it may be painful for others to read. Mood swings are common, relationships with parents, siblings and friends are full of ups and downs. One day they are your BFF and the next they've turned on you. Constant arguing with parents over boundaries and priorities can make parents look back fondly at even the terrible twos. Love and relationships enter teen's lives for the very first time, choices regarding sexuality, promiscuity, and responsibility are all new. Is it any wonder that teen poetry is so intense?

26 Poems about Life as a Teen

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  1. 1. Daddy, Don't Be Scared

    • By Jade E. Mcnullen
    • Published: February 2010

    Awaiting the news, we feared the worst and hoped for the best.
    Life was about to put my family through an unforgettable test
    Mom came in, evidence on her face, that daddy wasn't okay
    "daddy has cancer" mom cried "we won't see him for a couple of days"

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    I was touched when I read your poem. My husband was diagnosed with cancer a month ago and is about to embark on his treatment. Emotions running high, but my husband is positive, and he has...

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  3. 2. The Teenage Years

    We learn from our mistakes,
    From the wrong turns we take,
    From the fake friends we make,
    And from the times we almost break.

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    All my friends around me are fake...they can notice you if they need you, and they only want you to do their homework...your poem is beautiful. Keep it up.

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  5. 3. It's Hard

    • By Kati
    • Published: July 2014

    It's hard to trust someone who always lied.
    It's hard to love someone who made you cry.
    It's hard to care when you want to die.
    It's hard to believe when you have no pride.

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    This is LITERALLY the story of my life. Well put!!

  6. 4. Complication

    In a world filled with changes
    each and every day,

    I feel I'm being judged

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    Reading this poem makes me realize the years my daughters are going through. They are really enjoying their growing up years playing toys, having fun watching cartoons, and playing on the...

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  7. 5. Life Is Worth A Try

    Along this huge labyrinth
    That we call life,
    You will face great trials,
    Adversity, and strife.

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  8. 6. Suicidal Thoughts

    • By Jonathan Davis
    • Published: July 2010

    I'm trapped in a box with no intentions to survive
    Praying...asking God why am I still alive
    I go to sleep each night knowing everything I say is a lie
    Knowing that is enough for me to break down and cry

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    Wow, wow, wow!!! This poem really hit me. I have been down this road before and I did it all alone. This poem showed me that I am not alone. God is able. Even though it may not seem like it,...

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  9. 7. Blank Paper

    • By Kym Nunn
    • Published: March 2014

    A piece of colored paper,
    with no dialogue or animation,
    can strike a drawer's
    or writer's utter fascination.

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    Life is full of regrets. Well lets say I was born to face all these horrible things and make all these mistakes but even today the question is why don't we get caution signs so we can know...

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  10. 8. From A Teenager's Side

    I hear my mom scream,
    "Bags, books, your comb, and cream
    Scattered on the bed with those jeans.
    This is how you keep your room clean?"

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    I also don't understand why people don't get it that we are just teens. We do things that teens do. Why don't they understand the teenage stage? I mean, they also went through it, but still,...

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  11. 9. Hope Is A Mystery

    • By Vanessa
    • Published: July 2012

    I don't know why
    why this world's so cruel
    it's so abusing
    We all have seen Earth's glorious mysteries

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  12. 10. The Life Of A Teenage Girl

    • By Elise
    • Published: March 2012

    Look how she's changed,
    Look how she's grown,
    The personality changes
    I should have known

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    We all come from different countries all over the world to connect with each other over the same topic. We find that most parents are the same. They hold so many ambitions and tie us as if we...

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  13. 11. A Girl's View

    • By Cassie
    • Published: July 2012

    Everyone tells me I'm gorgeous
    That I have stunning features to die for,
    But I must have gone blind,
    Because I can't see them anymore.

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    I feel this so many times. People tell me I'm pretty but I don't believe them. I truly feel like the ugliest girl in my grade. Everyone else is so beautiful and I know that they don't feel...

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  14. 12. Cancer

    • By Jessica Louise Wheeler
    • Published: December 2013

    One day you showed up,
    With no reason why,
    You claimed your victims,
    You've made grown men cry.

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    Cancer is a life changer and heart breaker. It takes someone close to you and kills them. It has made grown men cry because they are sad that their loved one has died. We all try to fight...

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  15. 13. The Reality Of Life

    a candle light burning inside of me
    shadows bowing upon the walls illuminating us all
    the laughter the pain
    what do I gain?

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  16. 14. The Battle

    • By K.S.
    • Published: July 2015

    The devil tried to grab a hold of me.
    He tried to win the battle, you see,
    But that is impossible, for I have God on my side.
    He was with me through the times that I lied.

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    I really like this poem because I have had horrible thoughts, but God was there for me, and He set me free! Praise the Lord! And He told me who I truly am. His beloved child.

  17. 15. Can You See Me?

    Just because you don't like what I am,
    Just because you don't like what I've become,
    Just because you don't like me,

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    I'm 13 years old and I'm bisexual. My family is Christian and nobody knows but my sister. She's bi also. I wanna tell them, but I don't know how they'll react.

  18. 16. Contradiction

    So full of deceit,
    My life's a contradiction.
    One day it's reality,
    The next one it's fiction.

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    Great poem, Storm. To me as an emergency services working and PTSD sufferer, it alludes to the need to care about and support each other and to be grateful for those special people in our...

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  19. 17. A Rose In The Moon

    • By Kayla L. Haggard
    • Published: March 2013

    Amongst the midnight sky,
    I stare at a rose as it dies.

    Its pedals are torn and bruised,

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  20. 18. My Pain

    You try to understand
    But I don't want you to
    I don't think you can comprehend
    The pain that I go through.

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    Your poem touched me, after reading this you have been in my prayers. It's almost been nine months that I've been sick, in and out of hospitals my whole eighth grade year. Everyday in...

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  21. 19. My Bedroom

    • By Loree
    • Published: November 2008

    My bedroom is my sanctuary,
    my place to be me

    The worries of the day

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    I really liked your poem! It was simple but I could get a lot out of it.

  22. 20. To Be Free

    At last I'm free from the cage.
    No longer am I filled with rage.

    I am free from all stress,

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