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I'm 15, and my friend is getting an abortion.

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You are more courageous than I would have been in your case. You did awesome offering love to your child. I suffered abuse as well. I was drugged, and I did not know what was being done to...

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Why Don't You Love Me?


Published: November 2011

mommy, mommy, don't let me go.
I wanna see the world
and know everything you know.
I wanna see the world
the way it is today.
I wanna see the world
before it goes away.
one day, I may very well cure a disease.
please don't keep, this dream from me.
I want a chance to breath the air.
I want a chance, now mommy, this isn't fair.
I want to feel love, sadness, and hate.
I want my own name, life, and fate.
I don't ask for much, just to survive.
I want to open my eyes, and know I'm alive.
I want to change the future to make a better place.
I wanna be able to see your beautiful face.
wake up each morning and live another day.
and someday dig the hole of my grave.
so mommy, you hold my life in you hands.
if you drop me now I will understand.
forget about the guilt weighing you down.
mommy, please take my body, and lay it in the ground.
cause I am yours, and forever will be.
just tell me mommy,
why don't you love me?

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  • Ching by Ching
  • 1 year ago

Reading this poem really touched my heart. Although I was never pregnant, I could feel how touching it is! Great poem.

  • Emilee P. by Emilee P.
  • 2 years ago

I am 17 and 33 weeks along. When I found out my boyfriend wanted nothing to do with me, he would call and say that it's over. I got to the point of no return. I didn't know if I could raise a baby by myself. I wanted to abort her, but something in my head said, "You love her; don't end her life." When he tried to come back in the picture I told him no because I was afraid of getting hurt again. In just a few short weeks my baby girl, Ava Marie, will be here. She will know her father but will live with me. If he takes me to court I will stand and tell them who was there for me when I found out. Ava and I will live a happy life without him.

  • Alexandria by Alexandria, West Columbia SC
  • 4 years ago

I was 14. Yes I know I was young when I found out I was pregnant with my baby boy. You might be asking why at 14 are you pregnant well the answer is sweet and simple I was raped.... It was July 16 2012 I was at a pool party with my cousins when my older cousin asked me to come help him inside with something and being me I do what people ask, so I followed him we went back to the storage room in the back of the house, I walked in first and he followed. He told me to grab the box so I did he than turned around and locked the door the click made me look up I asked why he locked it he just smiled and started toward me. I did not know what was going on he pinned me against the wall I tried to scream but he put his hand over my mouth ..... I don't feel like reliving the details of what happened but you can guess anyway a few weeks later I missed my period and I asked my mom why she told me to wait so I did a month later I still did not have a period so my mom took me to the doctor that was when I found out I was pregnant. My mother was shocked and she asked why. I was afraid to tell at first but I explained and my cousin was arrested for raping me. I kept the child but my mother is raising him like a little brother to me when I get older I will explain everything to him... I hate what happened but I love my baby boy.

  • Someone by Someone
  • 2 years ago

You are more courageous than I would have been in your case. You did awesome offering love to your child. I suffered abuse as well. I was drugged, and I did not know what was being done to me. What I was most concerned at that time was to work really hard in not allowing myself to get filled with hate. I understood he was a weak man and that this weakness and guilt will be carried by him for life. For years every time he came to mind, I begged God to help me forgive him.
I believe forgiving is a medicine for our hearts, no matter the hurt we have received. I understood that we live in a fallen world, and the only way to improve it is not just to not pass the hate but also by forgiving and working a way to love. God is holy and loves every creature He brings to life. He cannot bear our sins, but He does not leaves us alone with it. He offers immeasurable mercy to those who want it. May God bless you always.

  • Chelcie by Chelcie, Texas
  • 4 years ago

I'm 17 and pregnant. I never intended to become pregnant. I stopped taking birth control two months ago. I finally found out I was pregnant Thursday. But I know I had to get an abortion. I promised myself I wouldn't let my child come into this world when I can't provide for it and when their parents aren't living in the same house. I don't want my child growing up without a mom and dad in the same house like me. I don't want my child going without. It's the hardest thing to have to do this. I cry a lot about having to do this but I can't do this to my child.

  • Someone by Someone
  • 2 years ago

Abortion will leave lifelong marks in your heart. A child always brings joy. If you let your child live with you, God will grant you with the gift of learning and growth, and will provide for everything you need. As long as you offer love to your child.

  • Jesuslovesyou by Jesuslovesyou
  • 3 years ago

Please don't kill your baby Chelcie! There are ALWAYS other options! Adoption!
There are people there for you, even though you may not think so. There ARE people that love you, and want to help you! But abortion is NOT the right choice! Your BABY doesn't deserve to die! He deserves a right to live!

  • Sally Day by Sally Day
  • 6 years ago

I am 13 and my mother always tells that I should've been aborted. I don't know why she says that but she said it was better if I didn't live, it could stop all the pain. If I wasn't here, then my friend could've died from being hit in car accident if I hadn't pulled her.

  • Ruth Calderon by Ruth Calderon
  • 6 years ago

I found out I was pregnant on 7/23/13. I have a baby girl that is just 1 year old & my marriage wasn't going great so I decided to have an abortion behind my husband back. After reading this poem "mommy why don't you love me" I couldn't forgive myself so I'm, keeping my baby & my husband is the happiest man knowing he will be a daddy again ;)

  • Serena Jackson by Serena Jackson
  • 7 years ago

I'm 17, I was 16 when I got pregnant with my twins<, me and my boyfriend were just going out driving around and he went and parked in a corn field miles from our houses. I wasn't sure at first what we were doing but I thought why not we had been dating for 2 years and we haven't had sex yet so we decided that we would break that streak and we tipped the seat back and we began but before I even knew what we were doing we were done. just like that it had happened. 3 weeks had passed before I realized that I hadn't got my period so I was getting worried and I said to my boyfriend that I think that we might be pregnant he was shocked when I told him so we went and bought a couple tests and they all turned out positive. a month had passed and we still hadn't told our parents so when we did they automatically told us that I had to get a abortion I was heartbroken. Know we both are 17 and we honestly regret aborting our twins we had names pick out for a girl it was Julikka Vera and for the boy it was Dayne Jacob. We miss our babies but in the end I do regret aborting our twins.

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