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    Poems by Wayne Baggerly

  • Christmas Now And Then

    • Published: December 2007

    in Christmas Poems

    Well, it is December, and Christmas is almost here
    Another happy Christmas for family and good cheer
    There will be tables loaded with turkeys, hams and sweets
    We know there will be more than we could ever eat


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    I found it very touching as I've got 2 parents still but as some people they don't have parents so they don't get very many presents. I hope everyone has a good Christmas and just be grateful...

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  • My Hero, My Dad

    • Published: February 2006

    in Father Poems

    My hero never fought in a war
    He never drove a big fancy car
    He did not go very far in school
    But he lived his life by the golden rule


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    This is so well worded. It reminds me exactly of my own upbringing and father. I am one of seven children raised during the depression. Dad was a carpenter and when building ceased, he and...

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