Father Poems

Father Poems

Poems about Dad

Our fathers carry half of our genetic makeup. Our relationship with our father plays a huge part of who we will become. In many segments of society, people grow up without ever knowing their fathers. This is unfortunate because fathers should play as important a role in raising their children as mothers. A father is the model of a man for his daughter and she will choose a man who is like him. A father is the model for his son as well. Fortunately, there is a trend for fathers to be more active in their children's lives.

57 Poems about Fathers and Sons and Daughters

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  1. 1. Silent, Strong Dad

    • By Karen K. Boyer
    • Published: November 2006

    He never looks for praises.
    He's never one to boast.
    He just goes on quietly working
    For those he loves the most.

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    I was born blind. I, like my father, had congenital (at birth) bilateral (both sides) cataracts. My vision was far worse than dad's though. My dad was always there (along with my mom) to...

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  3. 2. Only A Dad

    Only a dad, with a tired face,
    Coming home from the daily race,
    Bringing little of gold or fame,
    To show how well he has played the game,

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    Hello everyone. It’s a Monday morning, and I’ve just begun working, but somewhere in my mind throughout the day I keep remembering my dad and his deeds. No matter how tired I become, I still...

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  5. 3. My Dad

    If I could write a story,
    It would be the greatest ever told.
    I'd write about my daddy,
    For he had a heart of gold.

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    I just recently lost my dad. He was my everything. He raised me because my mother wasn't around much. I can relate to your poem and everyone's story. I looked up to my dad. He did 3 tours in...

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  6. 4. Special Hero

    • By Christina M. Kerschen
    • Published: November 2006

    When I was a baby,
    you would hold me in your arms.
    I felt the love and tenderness,
    keeping me safe from harm.

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    I don't know how it feels, but I sure understand what this poem is all about. How I wish my dad was caring. To me, he only carries the title and doesn't act the meaning.

  7. 5. A Girl's Daddy

    • By Lisa Linn
    • Published: March 2016

    There once was a daddy who had only girls.
    He was very special indeed.
    For as some daddies eternally yearn for a son,
    This daddy could not see the need.

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  8. 6. Last Chance

    • By Stefanie
    • Published: August 2008

    Analysis of Form and Technique

    My heart aches, Dad,
    For the things you won't do.
    My soul breaks, Dad,
    For all that we've been through.

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    My dad is a substance abuser. He is abusive physically, emotionally and mentally in every possible way imagine. Since I could remember he has degraded my mum, my brothers and me. My mum...

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  9. 7. Family Circle

    • By Melissa G. Nicks
    • Published: April 2006

    When I am born, you are here
    In your eye, I see a tear
    Time flies and already I'm two
    "Look, Daddy, I can tie my shoe!"

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    Wow! Words cannot describe the quality of this poem. It is touching and another thing is that it co-relates with life's reality. Thanks a lot and thumbs up for the great job!

  10. 8. Blue

    • By Brian A. Haycock
    • Published: April 2006

    She was born pink and soft with all of her toes
    She had my eyes and her mothers nose
    She cried for a moment and then settled down
    The angel of my life with hair of brown

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    Yeah, you're right that a father loves his daughter very much. Yes, the poem is very good.

  11. 9. Tears In My Daddy's Eyes

    • By Unknown Mystery
    • Published: June 2015

    He was always my pillar when I knew I'd fall,
    Always my anchor so strong and tall.
    His hard face changes only for me.
    His softer side, so careless and free.

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    I just got so emotional after reading this poem. I love my dad a lot. I want to fulfill his dreams. He always makes me happy, and he always does hard work for us. He never shows his weakness...

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  12. 10. Memories Of My Dad

    He wasn't a hero
    Known by the world,
    But a hero he was
    To his little girl.

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    Awesome appreciation and wonderful thanksgiving to a father. No love and care can be compared with that of a father. My dad, too, is my friend and guide who always remains beside me and helps...

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  13. 11. Daddy

    • By Ginger C. Smith
    • Published: July 2006

    I'm just sitting here thinking about what you mean to me,
    Remembering all the things you've done for me.
    You've been there for me from the start,
    Knowing what to say to keep me from falling apart,

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  14. 12. Happy Father's Day

    • By Elisa Garcia
    • Published: September 2008

    I was not sure what to get you
    On this very special day
    So I decided to write this poem from my heart
    I have some things I need to say:

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    Through you I have learned to show dedication. Even though it has been hard times but in future I know that you will always be with me as well as I will be with you Amen

  15. 13. My Dad

    • By Michael Macdonald
    • Published: June 2017

    He wasn't faster than a speeding bullet,
    but he was quick to come to my defense.
    Unable to leap tall buildings,
    but could lift my spirits when life didn't make sense.

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  16. 14. Father

    • By Jennifer S. Williams
    • Published: February 2006

    When I scratched my knee,
    Or if I bumped my head,
    When I was afraid of the dark,
    Or that thing under my bed,

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    Dear Dad, I want you to know I love you so much. What an amazing poem. I love everything you do for all of us. Love, Bella

  17. 15. For My Dad

    He grew up in a town where people were poor,
    In a family quite wealthy with love.
    He was raised by two parents who were stable but strict
    And taught him to trust God above.

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    My dad joined the Navy, but he is with me still today. I am sorry for your loss.

  18. 16. Wondrous Magical Times

    The child held to her
    daddy's hand.
    She stood upon his feet,
    and as they danced to the music,

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    I loved the poem but I really can't relate to it because it was hard for my dad when he was growing up because he never had anyone like the little girl does in the poem. He never had a father...

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  19. 17. Becoming A Dad

    Old women say that men don't know
    The pain through which all mothers go,
    And maybe that is true, and yet
    I vow I never shall forget

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  20. 18. From Husband To Daddy

    Being a father to a son
    brings a man's heart so much joy.
    You can't imagine your world
    without this wonderful little boy.

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  21. 19. Dear Daddy

    • By Kandice R. Graves
    • Published: September 2006

    I need you now.
    Please take me by the hand.
    Stand by in my hour of need,
    Take time to understand.

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    My wife wanted a divorce and in the wake were our children. I have a girlfriend with two kids. My daughter thinks I've replaced her and her brother with them...but I could never replace them....

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  22. 20. He's My Dad

    Muddy boots and overalls, he stood about six two
    He was a country bumpkin; hard work was what he knew
    A carpenter, a roofer, a jack of many trades
    Countless hours of hard labor with not much time to play

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