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Our fathers carry half of our genetic makeup. Our relationship with our father plays a huge part of who we will become. In many segments of society, people grow up without ever knowing their fathers. This is unfortunate because fathers should play as important a role in raising their children as mothers. A father is the model of a man for his daughter and she will choose a man who is like him. A father is the model for his son as well. Fortunately, there is a trend for fathers to be more active in their children's lives.

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  1. My Dad

    Telling A Story About My Dad


    If I could write a story,
    It would be the greatest ever told.
    I'd write about my daddy,
    For he had a heart of gold.

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  3. Family Circle

    • By Melissa G. Nicks
    • Published: February 2006
    Cycle Of Life Poem

    When I am born, you are here
    In your eye, I see a tear
    Time flies and already I'm two
    "Look, Daddy, I can tie my shoe!"...

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    This is a fantastic poem that shows the life with a family and shows all the processes in a family and all the changes that passes, I love this poem that I even said it in a poetry contest!

  4. Tears In My Daddy's Eyes

    • By Unknown Mystery
    • Published: June 2015
    The Special Bond Between Father And Daughter


    He was always my pillar when I knew I'd fall
    Always my anchor, so strong and tall
    His hard face changes only for me
    His softer side, so careless and free

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    My dad is my world. He is the best dad in the world. he gave me the greatest gift: he believed in me.

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  6. My Dad

    • By Michael Macdonald
    • Published: June 18, 2017
    Father Teaching Son How To Be A Man

    He wasn't faster than a speeding bullet,
    but he was quick to come to my defense.
    Unable to leap tall buildings,
    but could lift my spirits when life didn't make sense.

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  7. My Father, My Friend

    Appreciation For Dad


    For my father, my friend,
    This to me you have always been.
    Through the good times and the bad,
    Your understanding I have had.

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    I love this poem. I appreciate the writer a lot. Thanks for this beautiful poem.

  8. Memories Of My Dad

    Poem About Dad Being A Hero


    He wasn't a hero
    Known by the world,
    But a hero he was
    To his little girl.

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    Wow, what a beautiful poem. I can tell this poem came from your heart. This poem touched me.

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  10. Silent, Strong Dad

    • By Karen K. Boyer
    • Published: February 2006


    He never looks for praises.
    He's never one to boast.
    He just goes on quietly working
    For those he loves the most.

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    This poem is so PERFECT for my Dad who just passed away. I changed some of the words to the past tense, but my Mom used it for my Daddy's service with a note that said it was an adaptation...

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  11. A Message For Him

    • By Cristinalyn T. Tabangin
    • Published: June 17, 2017
    A Message For My Father In Heaven

    No one can love me as much as you.
    In you, I know I'm not alone.
    Your smile gives me happiness behind sadness.
    Your memories give me strength behind darkness.

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  12. Hey Daddy Please Come Back

    • By Jesse-Ryan G. Debenport
    • Published: February 2006

    Hey Daddy,

    There are a couple of things I think you missed
    So write this down, make a little list...

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    This poem was a major speaker of my feelings toward my father who at this time is not present in my life. I resent him for all the emotional and physical abuse, but I often catch myself...

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  13. My Daddy

    Dad Poem From Daughter

    I sit and look back to how far I can remember,
    And you are always there next to me.
    Each and everyday you were helping me grow up,
    And making me be the best that I can be.

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    I really loved this poem its very touching and helpful because my dads not here but he is always in my heart. It helps me when he's gone.

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